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E-ryt 500 & Authorized Ashtanga Yoga Teacher


Jennifer Dixon 

Yoga is my passion, it fixed me and started me on this wellness journey that now includes so many other facets.  I'm like a yoga evangelist that can't wait to show you how "yoga can fix that." I love to practice and teach, and I hope it shows in each class.  Although I do teach different styles, at my heart, I am a true, old school, get you super tired and sweaty Power Yoga fan.  I love a class that leaves me completely exhausted, free of the crazy squirrel thoughts, and super sore the next day.  I can't wait to see you on the mat soon!

RYT 500

Beth Daugherty

“Instructing all levels and all ages of students in yoga has become a passion for me.  I enjoy working with my high school students, as well as my elderly students.  I love seeing the benefits of yoga both physically and mentally to all levels of students.  Watching my students progress and grow; seeing their peacefulness and inner beauty at the end of each class makes my job complete.  I hope that I have the opportunity to see you glow and shine soon. "

RYT 200

Denise Cooper

"For me, yoga is a surprise that sneaked into my life as I was entering my middle age years. I love the vigor that it has brought to both my mind and body, at a time in life when vigor often is a diminishing factor. Teaching yoga to others has become a passion - it is almost magical to help people relax in a yin class, to share what could be a lifelong practice to children, and to lead others in their yoga practice. From turning upside down in aerial yoga, completely relaxing in a yin class, or being upside down in an aerial sling I look forward to the rigor and joy of each yoga class. Any day and any stage of life is perfect for pursuing a yoga practice! "

RYT 200

Elizabeth Ogle

“I will always be a yoga student first.  I love to teach and practice what yoga has taught me on and off the mat.  My teaching philosophy is recognizes that we are all at different levels, so I will meet you where you are.

 BFA and MFA in Ballet

Monica Coulter

With over 35 years experience onstage, in the studio and classroom from Texas to Tennessee, Monica added multiple training certifications in PBT in 2017 and 2019. She’s eager to share this new method with studios nationwide offering workshops and private classes.

RYT 200

Kathlene Gonzalez

"Through this practice, I found dedication, discipline, creativity, strength, and community. Though, I enjoy many types of yoga, ashtanga holds a very special place in my heart. "

Comprehensively Certified Pilates Instructor

Lauren Knauth

"With a background in dance and a passion for fitness, I was instantly enthralled by the movement and flow of Pilates. As I studied the history and techniques of Pilates while completing a 600-hour comprehensive training and then teaching for 6 years, I realized how Pilates can transform lives whether you are looking for rehabilitation or simply looking to supplement your fitness regime. Pilates offers a way to strengthen and lengthen your body through movement and resistance training. "

200 RYT

Crystal Aviles

"Yoga was recommended to me by a friend to help manage stress and depression. I started to slowly practice and it eventually evolved into my primary form of exercise. I quickly realized it was a necessity for my mind and body to function at their best. "

Come join crystal for heated power and vinyasas flow. She creates and environment where students feel safe to be themselves while simultaneously getting a work out for the body and a sense of calm for the mind. 


Marilyn Chapman

"Breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness, which unites your body to your thoughts." Thich Nhat Hanh  "Focusing on the act of breathing clears the mind of all daily distractions and clears our energy enabling us to better connect  with the spirit within." Author unknown  "Throughout my life, I have often and very kindly been told that I am an "encourager."  My prayer is that I continue to carry that practice into every yin class I am blessed to share with others."

RYT 200

Teresa Donilon

RYT 200 

Comprehensively Certified Pilates Instructor 

Caroline Zeto

"I'm a gymnastics coach, kids circus/aerial acrobatics teacher and a yoga teacher. For me yoga is my meditation. I finds peace through the practice of yoga and honor my practice for it's ability to unite my mind, body and spirit. I find that yoga is a space where I can exhale to release that which I no longer needs to carry. " Join Caroline for unique movement classes where she likes to share her love for the practice and incorporate other unique forms of movement. 

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