Suzanne Sabourin - Thrive Yoga and Wellness

Suzanne Sabourin

I am devoted to Yoga, not just the physical practice but the spiritual solution. It’s what burns up the suffering. My classes are playful, physically challenging, make you sweat and find your edge in a group; they build community. I weave the dharma, the teachings of yoga, throughout class by sharing the sacred Hindu texts such as the Yoga Sutras and the Bhagavad Gita. These texts give us lots of different ways to go deep inside and provide us the place where we find freedom. Within their pages, we find the tools to clean up our own stuff so we can be of service to the world. Then we can have clear perception to see what’s actually in front of us and take action that is purposeful in order to change the world in a positive way. This is the medicine of the Yoga. It holds us accountable, asking us to stand up and make a difference. Do the next right thing.


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