Pilates for Hips and Pelvic Stability

A common complaint for many clients that come into Thrive Yoga and Wellness for group classes is pain in the low back and hips. Although this post and this workout are no prescriptions or to replace medical advice, physically strengthening the hips and pelvis can definitely help to relieve tension in the low back and provide stability for your body, even improving your posture and balance!

SOooo…why a booty burning video on a post for Low back pain? Well, two of the biggest supporters of your low back are your core and glutes. If you can strengthen these areas, your back can receive the benefit of support and therefore reduce the pressure in that area.

Remember, the key to this “fix” is consistency. You can practice this sequence once, or a version of it daily. Your muscles need consistent stimulation and strengthening, especially when you’re prone to discomfort or if you’ve had an injury.

You’ll find that with a simple addition of glute work into your weekly routine 3 days a week, that you’ll see tremendous benefits very quickly. So go ahead and check out this video, subscribe to our youtube channel and if you’re in the Chattanooga, TN area, schedule your private Pilates Session with any of our Certified Comprehensive Pilates Instructors.