Remember to Say, “I love you.”

I shared this story last week in the weekly Thrive Newsletter. It was also Valentine’s Day 2020. I didn’t mean for it to be so moving, but I’m am glad people were impacted by the newsletter and I wanted to share it here, for a broader audience.

That week was crazy CRAZY. It all started on a Monday, where I felt like my head was going to explode with this laundry list of tasks I needed to get done.

Tuesday wasn’t any better, because, in addition to my daily stuff, my husband and I are entertaining the idea of starting our oldest in kindergarten next year (she’d be a young 5 if we did) and that night we had an an Open House at a potential school. (Listen, the competition is FIERCE for these schools…and she’s only 4!

In the hubbub that is getting my children fed, dressed somewhat presentable and nevermind taking care of the craziness that is my mop, I missed my sweet furry child, Luna, go into some sort of seizure or stroke. Luna is my adopted Yorkie.

While most women “nest” making nurseries and knitting blankets during pregnancies, I adopt dogs. 

Seriously, both times I was pregnant, I adopted a dog while pregnant.


Luna was adopted when I was about 4 months along with my daughter from upstate New York. She’s a pain in the rear if I’m being 100% honest with you because:

  • she refuses to go to the bathroom outside like a normal dog
  • she refuses to stop walking while trying to go to the bathroom INSIDE on her puppy pad, which means, she misses, more often than not.
  • she eats everything, and by everything, I mean EVERYTHING.
  • She’s had to have exploratory surgery once with the tragic #mysterystomachissue in 2016. 

Despite all these incredibly annoying things, Luna is seriously one of the best darn dogs ever. Shes’s amazingly sweet, loves to sit in your lap, has never growled at either of my children (even when I have wished I could growl.)  

Basically she is just a super awesome pet.

At some point on that fateful Tuesday night in the middle of the fray, my son (on his way to his room to find his shoes for the 3rd time) looks over at Little Lu, who I thought was napping in front of his drum set, and screams, “mama Luna Poopoo’d” (he’s 2, we love talking about Poo. So far, it’s not amounting to much Poo in the potty, but we are trying…)

I exasperatedly put the dirty dish into the sink, thinking, great, she didn’t wait again. However, when I walked over, I saw my pup unresponsive on the ground.

This is when the real hysteria begins.

All yoga went out the window.

All, “cool mom so you don’t scare the kids” went AWOL and here it was, I was raw, loud, scared and of course a little incoherent.

My husband comes running in (he did work as a vet tech while in college) and took charge, rushed her to his vet. I had to take my kiddos to the open house and act like everything was ok even though I wanted to be at the office with him and Luna.

4 days after the event and we and we still weren’t 100% sure what happened to our girl.

A week later, she can walk, eat, get around, but she can’t bark, she can’t go up and down stairs well, and she has a strange tilt to her head to the left. We are pretty sure she had a stroke.

At this point, you may be wondering

Why such a sad story for a Valentine’s Day newsletter?

Two reasons:

Love is love.

Always Always Always remember to show love, especially to those nearest and dearest to you. You don’t know if they will be here tomorrow.

Where there is love, there is hope.

I have no idea if my Luna girl will make a full recovery. (will you join me in a little prayer that she will?) However, I love that little sweet, annoying dog so I have the hope that she will.

If she doesn’t, I will cry and hurt, and you’ll probably hear about that too. BUT, until that day comes, I have the hope that she’s gonna make a full recovery so I can chase after her again, yelling for her to stop pooping and walking. Don’t give up hope. (strange thing to hope for, I know.)

Now, go enjoy some chocolate.

Then, go text your mom and dad, sister, brother, significant other, and tell them you love them. If you have pets, give them a snuggle. You never know what tomorrow brings, so today, show them and everyone around you lots and lots of love.

This post was written by Jennifer Dixon MBA, ERYT 500, Authorized Ashtanga Yoga Teacher, and Certified Personal Trainer. She’s the not so fearless leader of Thrive Yoga and Wellness and Thrive Online and enjoys teaching and practicing yoga, lifting weights, hanging out with her children (furry and otherwise) and laughing with her sweet, saint of a husband, who holds down the fort while she chases Yoga Dreams.