The Root Chakra

Welcome to the first of a 7 week series diving deep into the Chakras as part of the Thrive Last 90 days challenge!

If you prefer to just listen and/or watch, check out this video where Lesleigh, Jennifer and Merrit all discuss our Root Chakra.

By Lesleigh Guinn RYT 200

Here is the definition of thrive; 

 Thrive- (verb- intransitive)

  1. To grow vigorously
  2. To gain wealth or possession
  3. To progress toward or realize a goal despite or because of circumstances. 

All three of the definitions that Webster’s uses reflect on how each of us innately wants to live a happy life. 

To grow physically we thrive when we treat our body well. 

The old adage is that “you are what you eat” and  is even true when addressing the chakras!

This is important.

The Root Chakra is OUR foundation (body/ mind/ spirit). 

Foods that are ideal to replenish and cater to the root are earthy, rooted, bold colored foods. 

Think of root vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, parsnips, radishes, beets, onions, garlic, and protein rich foods like beans, meat, tofu, eggs, soy products, nuts, and even spices like pepper, paprika, and chives. 

Incorporating these into your diet can help to replenish any deficiencies in the Muladhara or Root Chakra energy. 

If you think about it, every single one of these foods are grown underground or are rooted to the ground. 

How appropriate for us to be covering this at this time of year when we can find all of these vegetables aplenty at the market? 

These foods can help ground us after the summer months during the fall. All of these foods are not only great for you, they can all be prepared in your favorite ways and that is what the last 90 day challenge is all about, using what you have to address your true needs and grow! 

When you read; “to gain wealth or possession”, try to eliminate the wealth and possessions that money can purchase and think a little deeper. 

Wealth doesn’t have to be achieved with money. 

These things can be attained through physical practice as well. 

  • You can plant seeds and grow a garden and thrive off what you yourself have cultivated.
  • You can also practice physically and 
  • gain a wealth of knowledge and possess qualities mentally and physically that can help any depleted root chakra energy. 

Yoga is a great tool for this.

I recently listened to an episode of “The Yogi Show Podcast” where they had Brian Kest, who is referred to as one of, if not the founder of power yoga, as a guest. During the interview he stated that “if you begin with yoga, the rest will fall into place”, this is something I have heard since I began practicing yoga 11 years ago. 

Even my own beloved fearless #thrivetribe leader, Jennifer Dixon says this in every class. If you make the time to practice yoga, your body will thrive by feeling and looking better. Your mind becomes clearer and over time you gain a wealth of knowledge as well as gaining tools to use off the mat. 

Patience, persistence, and perspective are three that come to mind when I think of what is gained mentally through practice of yoga. 

When someone says they practice yoga, that usually means they set aside a time that is for them that usually happens 3-6 times a week. 

The more you practice the more you learn and the more you gain physically and mentally from your practice. You don’t have to practice for an hour or turn off your air conditioning and sweat like you would at a hot yoga class, and believe it or not, you don’t have to be physically flexible. 

You just have to start! The studio I practice and teach at, Thrive Yoga and Wellness is my refuge from my crazy, chaotic home life… I am a mom of three boys. They are seven, six and three years old. My home is loud, it’s full of love and lots of boys. I don’t have any siblings and being an only child, I’m new to sibling dynamics, and all boy things. 

To say it gets intense is such an understatement.

However, I truly believe that one if not the reason I am here on this earth, is to be their mother. I love being a mom. I love my kids something fierce, I never knew that I could love anyone or anything as much as I love my kids, and that love could be returned. However, sometimes I need to regain my sanity and regroup.

I NEED to love myself and take care of myself. You Need to take care of yourself.

When I get to go to yoga at the studio, I am overwhelmed with gratitude and peace.

 I am so thankful not only to have a place to practice away from home, but to also teach. I genuinely love teaching my Yin class. I never ever thought I would teach Yin Yoga, but here I am! Thrive grounds me. It brings me back to center. 

I have friends there that know and love and (hopefully) it’s reciprocal. I have this time alone. Time for myself. Time to be silent. Time to put my day and life into perspective. This is my “only child/ me time” and that is worth more to me than any amount of money. 
The Thrive Studio gives me wealth in friendship and physical strength and the time that I need to remain (relatively) sane that no amount of money can buy. If you practice at Thrive, I promise you that you too are loved and valued immensely.

If you’d like to check out our discussion on the Root Chakra, check out our very first “vlog” here. (and don’t forget to like and subscribe to our Youtube Channel!)