Social CBD Capsules: 1000 mg Boost Here’s What You Need to Know


This is a 1000 mg CBD product that comes in a gel cap with 33.33 mg of CBD in each pill.  Additionally, it also contains Yerba Mate and Moringa, two supplements that are said to help increase your energy and even mood.  Hence, they named this particular product BOOST. 

Here’s a Brief History of Social CBD

This is an Oregon Company that got its start in the CBD Vape business.  They have since branched out into Oils, Capsules, Pet products, Topicals, and some Montel Williams sponsored products.  (Which, for the record, is just plain weird.) They add essential oils and other supplements to a few of their products (like Lavender, or in today’s case, Yerba Mate). In mid to late 2019, Select CBD rebranded to be Social CBD.

My Experience with Select (now Social) CBD Boost

A Social CBD sales representative reached out to us by phone not to long ago and wanted to know if we’d carry their products in our studio.  Evangeline took the call and the message, and sadly, I didn’t do much with the information –not because I try to be mean, but mostly because I am so busy and we have a lot of CBD varieties already in our Thrive Hemp Store that I honestly wasn’t in the market for any other products.  (At least not until this year’s local crop is ready and then you’ll see our shelves lined with local products because I want to support local farmers!)

Low and behold, we got a package in the mail with several products in it.  Again, I didn’t think much of it (don’t judge me, I swear I’m busy–but we also have a LOT of really good CBD in our store already, so I just wasn’t all that interested….UNTIL…

I am two days into a three-day yoga challenge that meets live at 6 am (yes, that is in the morning people).  Now, back in my Corporate America days, I was up at 5:15 to get my practice in before work, but I also didn’t have children, a small business (or a life) so the early time isn’t a big deal for most of you, I’m sure.  Now, I’m up to 11:30 – 12 on the early side just finishing up studio stuff (like blog posts), motherly stuff (like wiping green boogers off of inappropriate things), or perhaps, maybe just maybe, taking a solo shower.  (can I get an AMEN from all you mom’s of toddlers out there?)

So today, after spending far too long in front of the computer working on another project, I thought I was about to keel over from exhaustion even though I’d had 3 cups of coffee already.  I didn’t feel good about taking anymore because it usually gives me the “shakes” so I was just doing the whole pinch my cheeks, get up and move sort of thing. On my 3rd break in an hour, I distracted myself with “cleaning” ie.moving stuff around and noticed the opened box of products and decided to take a gander.  I saw something that said Boost and of course it got my attention.

It was about 1:30 in the afternoon, and despite the worry of being up half the night, or passing out, I went ahead and tried 1 of the capsules.  It’s a really small size which is nice, and each capsule has 33.33 mg of CBD. I couldn’t tell if this was full spectrum (I Can only assume it is because it isn’t labeled Isolate.)  I normally take between 10-20 so this is a little higher for me, but honestly, I was willing to try anything.

What happened after I took Social CBD Boost?

Honestly, nothing.  At least not right away, and I remember leaving the house about 20 minutes after taking it thinking I may have enough time to stop by Dunkin Doughnuts to grab an Iced Coffee.  I grabbed my kids from school and brought them home and forgot about my coffee because I was running late to the studio. I got to the studio at 2:30 roughly 1 hour after I took the pill and I started to almost crazy clean the walls.  Legit. I got the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers and started going to town on the spots on the wall. (now, if you know me, you KNOW this is COMPLETELY out of character.

I got the whole lobby wiped down while simultaneously talking the ears off of Evangeline for our shift take over and then discussing new retail products, possible the meaning of life, you know STUFF.  She finally escaped from my clearly responding to this product madness when I sat down and realized, HOLY COW, I have ENERGY!

Here’s the thing, I wasn’t HYPER  perse. Ok, maybe I was.  I did a Facebook Live, I sold some CBD to a customer and then proceeded to talk to him for over an hour, I edited another blog post, worked on some Facebook Ads, negotiated a contract for some other help, dreamed about this 100 acre property that’s for sale and is MY LIFE GOAL, and…you get the picture.  I was a BEAST.

I didn’t feel jittery or overbearing  (if I was Evangeline or Mr. Customer, I AM SORRY!)

I did, however, insist on Evangeline taking some samples home for her to try and her super amazing husband.  Their review will be further down this post.

Here it is, over 6 hours later, and I’m still writing blog posts.  I’d say the stuff works to boost your energy. I give it a 100 on that score.  I’m not having typical caffeine-induced energy problems, and I sorta feel like I have super focus mental powers (whether or not that is true, I’m not sure.)

**Update. At 11 pm I was still wide awake.  This was after having impromptu dance parties with the kiddos.  I think the next time, I am going to try this supplement at like 7 in the morning, not 1:30 in the afternoon.

Packaging and Design

The company colors are very trendy aqua blue and a sorta copper-red.  I actually thought the red would make a cool lipstick color. You know, for when I wear lipstick again, which may or may not be EVER.  On the front of the label, it says there is 1000 mg of CBD clearly under the logo and name, and then just below it, it tells how many mg of CBD per serving (which is 33.33 mg).  The bottle has 30 capsules and the top is wrapped in cellophane.

Social CBD Boost Capsules: A Summary

This is a pretty awesome product.  I love how the capsules were small and easy to swallow leaving no aftertaste.  At 33.33 mg / serving it’s enough for even some more acute pain suffers but it’s not so much that it knocks out the “lighter weights” like myself.  

  • Retails for $65 
  • 30 capsules in each bottle
  • 1000 mg CBD total
  • 33.33 mg of CBD per serving 
  • 75mg Yerba Mate (for energy and focus)
  • 75mg Moringa (high in antioxidants, reduces inflammation and blood sugar levels)
  • Fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT), Gelatin, Caramel Color, Glycerin, Yellow Beeswax, Purified Water.

I think the value is spot on.  I sell other brands with similar potencies in this same price range, and they don’t have the added supplementation of the Yerba Mate and Moringa.  It’s awesome from a company standpoint that they are so confident in their brand that they will send me samples to try. It definitely did influence my decision to try and ultimately we will carry this in the studio, I believe–if for nothing else, but for me to have in my life, like STAT.

My biggest complaint about the brand is that they have a pretty terrible website when it comes to information.  Their FAQ page has all of 3 bullets that don’t really talk about their product at all (but it does say you may not pass a drug test, which makes me think it is full spectrum, which, it never comes out and says on the packaging or the website.)  Their About US page is pretty dismal as well. I mean, I’m glad you guys are third party tested and controlled and all that, but what’s the story behind the company? I left both pages feeling like I was still on a blind date even though I had already “skipped to business” by taking the product.

If you’re looking for a natural way to boost energy, and get the benefits of CBD, this may be a great option for you!  We will be carrying inside of the Thrive Hemp Store by the time this post is up so definitely be sure to come by the studio and give this puppy a try.  It’s pretty awesome, and I may be able to back off the coffee! (WHOA!)  

Are you interested in wellness through yoga?  We’ve got that too! Thrive Yoga and Wellness is a Chattanooga Yoga Studio that offers over 40 classes / week in all varieties of yoga.  If you’re not in the area, definitely be sure to check out our Thrive Online platform, where you can practice at home, but not alone.  

By Jennifer Dixon ERYT 500, Authorized Ashtanga Yoga Teacher and Owner of Thrive Yoga and Wellness and Thrive Hemp Store