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200 hr Yoga Teacher Training

Jennifer Dixon

August 19, 2023- May 19, 2024  Saturday and Sunday 12:30-5:30pm 

Join us for our Open Enrollment  200 hr Yoga Teacher Training , where you can become a certified yoga teacher with some of the best teachers in the southeast. You will be taught by experts in their field like local Physical Therapists, Chattanooga's first Authorized Ashtanga Teacher, and so many others. Our program is designed to provide in-depth knowledge and understanding of the lifelong benefits of yoga and doing so at YOUR convenience.
Throughout the event, you will receive comprehensive training in various aspects of yoga, including techniques, teaching methodology, anatomy and physiology, hands-on assisting, yoga philosophy,
The full tuition for the event is $2800. However, if you pay in full, you will receive a 15% discount. We also offer a convenient payment plan option now accepting PayPal Credit.
Don't miss this opportunity to embark on a fulfilling journey into the world of yoga teaching.

Singing Bowl Sound Bath

Anthony Crutcher

November 17, 2023 Friday at 7:30-8:30 PM EST

Embark on a transformative journey that merges the enchanting melodies of singing bowls with the mindful exploration of somatic movement, guided by the expert facilitation of Anthony Crutcher. As a seasoned practitioner in the realms of sound healing and somatic awareness, Anthony invites you to immerse yourself in a unique experience that harmonizes body, mind, and spirit. Light refreshments will be provided. RSVP soon because space is limited and this event will sell out!

Inversions of Yoga

Caroline Zeto

November 18, 2023 Saturday at 12:30-2:30 PM EST

If you love trying to fly or if you just really want to get more comfortable with headstands and crow, this workshop is for you! Led by our very own Caroline Zeto this workshop is designed to help give you tips and tricks and drills to strengthen your body for the coolest trick ever-the trick of changing your perspective! This workshop is affiliated with the Thrive Yoga and Wellness 200-hr Yoga Teacher training workshop and is therefore eligible for CEus with Yoga Alliance (it's also included in all active Yoga teacher training memberships!) 

Thrive at the East Ridge Parade

Thrive Tribe

November 18, 2023 Saturday at 5:00-8:00 PM EST

Join your Thrive Tribe as we parade down Ringgold Road in East Ridge, TN, showing off how wonderful our community is, and spreading Christmas Cheer. This event is free - if you'd like to walk with us, let us know! Otherwise, just join the crowds and cheer us on!

The Great Turkey Burn

Chamar Drane

November 24, 2023 Friday at 10:00-11:00 AM EST

Join Chamar Drane for a post shopping, post Thanksgiving Day stuffing burn hour! This class will get you working, laughing and having a great time all while burning off a few of those extra Holiday calories.

History of Yoga

Suzanne Sabourin

November 19, 2023 Sunday at 3:00-5:30 PM EST

Interesting in learning a little bit more about your favorite practice? Maybe you're a little curious about ways to incorporate this practice into your life off the mat? Well, you'll love this workshop where we will spend some time exploring the history and philosophy behind this practice so when life throws us the hard stuff we can show up as our best Self! As part of the 200- hr Yoga for Every Body Teacher Training program, this workshop is eligible for CEHs through Yoga Alliance

Your Pelvic Floor - What it is and how to Strengthen it

Monika Patel

Dec 3, 2023, Sunday at 3:00-5:30 PM EST

Do you suffer from Low Back Pain? How often do you have to visit "that darn bathroom?" Do you struggle with standing up straight? Do you find balance a challenge? In this workshop, Monika Patel, DPT, of Hitchcock Family Medicine, a local expert in Transverse Abdominal and Pelvic Floor strengthening will help you discover the connection between your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles and how they contribute to your overall health and well being.

When we are able to locate, engage, strengthen, and utilize our Abdominal and Pelvic Floor muscles, a number of health benefits follow. With proper engagement of these super important and often never discussed muscles, you'll find fast improvement in areas such as increased balance, improved posture, and even a decrease in back pain. In addition, by working with these muscles, we can experience other health and practice benefits such as less problems with incontinence, and even an easier time “flying” in your arm balances!

This workshop will include an experiential lecture where you identify and then experience the muscles in action with simple movements that are both yoga-based and real life functional movement-based, all of which are designed specifically to help you incorporate these new muscles into your practice and daily life.
The cost is $35.
This class is good for 2.5 CEHs with Yoga Alliance and Current Teacher Trainees are encouraged to attend!

Candlelight Yin Yoga-Holiday Edition

Dawn Zoll

December 9, 2023 Saturday at 7:30-8:35 PM EST

Join us for an evening of blessed relaxation and complete pampering (combined with snacks, and of course something bubbly) as we prepare for the Holiday Season! Dawn Zoll RYT 200 is back for her signature event where you will be absolutely ensconced with luxury and release as you are guided through a gentle yin class designed to help you quiet your mind, create space, and just BE in the midst of the crazy Holiday season. 

Bubbly and snacks are included in your tuition.

Yin Yoga Immersion

Dawn Zoll

December 9-10, 2023 Friday at 12:30-5:30 PM EST

Are you ready to dive deep into the wonderful practice of Yin Yoga? This transformational practice helps us change our bodies all the way down to the joints and fascia, creating space, stamina and relaxation. Join Dawn Zoll RYT 200 for a Yin Yoga Immersion and Teacher Training that will teach you how to consciously and actively (by passively practicing) postures to create space and malleability in your bones, joints and connective tissue. You'll learn the history, importance and traditional postures of this ancient practice with a professional, informative approach. 

Sign up today! this class is eligible for CEUs with Yoga Alliance.

Modifications and Assists for Yoga Teachers

Jennifer Dixon

December 16, 2023 Saturday at 3:00-5:30 PM EST

Wanna brush up on your teaching skills? Why not start with some of the best ways to help your students deepen their own practice than by focusing on ways to make each asana (posture) fit their individual needs? This class will focus on modifications for typical students, whether it is to intensify the strength or stretch component, yoga truly can meet you where you are, Athlete or couch potato and everything in between! We will also work on ways to grow in our confidence on hands on assistance. This deeply personal work can help you help your student's proprioception and so much more. Knowing assists aren't necessarily corrections just enhancements, take your knowledge of the practice, internalize it, and discover ways you can help your client grow. Along the way, you will deepen your own awareness of the asana, your relationship with yourself and even your client!
So if you're nervous about hands on assisting, and / or you just want to brush up on ways to enhance your practice, join us for this workshop! It is eligible for CEUs from Yoga Alliance.

Yoga Mythology

Suzanne Sabourin

December 17, 2023 Sunday at 3:00-5:30 PM EST

Do you love a good story? Have you always been a little interested in where the names of your favorite yoga pose come from? In this engaging and informative event, we will explore some of the more common postures in class and the stories behind them. The stories, or mythology of these poses, help us to identify and remember them and keeps us engaged with the practice whether on or off the mat. You'll have a great time learning about this ancient culture's stories and leave feeling like you may have made a new yoga pose friend!
 This workshop is part of the Thrive Yoga and Wellness 200-hr Yoga Teacher training and is therefore eligible for CEHs through Yoga Alliance

Santa Cookie Burn

Chamar Drane

December 24, 2023 Sunday at 10:00 AM EST

Join Chamar Drane for a quick pre-holiday, pre-stuffing, pre-santa cookie yoga burn hour! This class will get you working, laughing and having a great time all while burning off a few of those extra Santa Cookie calories. 

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Pilates Teacher Training with CPE

Classical Pilates Education (CPE)

March 2 to July 14, 2023 each Saturdays and Sundays - 7:00 AM EST

Thrive Yoga and Wellness Partners with Classical Pilates Education (CPE) for a Comprehensive Pilates Education program designed specifically for individuals with the desire to learn the method as presented by Joseph Pilates.

 Thrive has Partnered with CPE for this training. "Whether you are training to become a Pilates Mat or Comprehensive Pilates instructor, you will be guided along your journey by qualified and committed Teacher Trainers. You are in the best of hands with these experienced professionals. Click here to learn more about them! If you are taking our Mat Teacher Training program, you will take the mandatory training weekends which will consist of workouts, discussion, practice teaching, and an evaluation. If you are taking our Comprehensive Mat & Apparatus Teacher Training program, you will also participate in the mandatory Teacher Training weekends. Training weekends are taught progressively from beginner to advanced, each weekend building upon the last. Apprentices learn to progress clients effectively and to modify for any injuries or other limitations. By the end of the program, apprentices are not only prepared to teach the complete sequence of exercises that Joseph Pilates developed in a progressively challenging way, but also to formulate an intelligently designed exercise plan to ensure the workout is tailored to the needs and goals of each specific client. Outside of the mandatory training weekends, the education continues through self study in the form of online videos, workouts, meetings, exams, and observation. By the time you complete your final evaluation or “test out,” you will have accumulated over 600 hours of practice and observation, leaving you well equipped to pass the National Pilates Certification Program (NPCP) and begin teaching immediately thereafter." Our lead teacher this semester is Bambi Watts from Willow Pilates, who will be assisted by Thrive owner and CPE certified teacher, Jennifer Dixon as well as Pilates instructor and CPE graduate, Caroline Zeto. A $150 Deposit is due at sign up and CPE will help facilitate remainng payments and payment plans. Your tuition includes 10 group classes at Thrive Yoga and Wellness.

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