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The Flexy Bunch: Mastering Hypermobility

Dr. Jen Bambrough

September 24, 2023 Sunday  3:00-5:00pm 

Join us for an enlightening session as we delve into the world of hypermobility, a condition where joints have a greater range of motion than usual. This can lead to increased flexibility but poses challenges in maintaining stability and preventing injuries. Jenn Bambraugh, DPT will guide participants through a comprehensive understanding of hypermobility, its potential causes, and its impact on the musculoskeletal system.

Key topics included will be: defining hypermobility and what differentiates it from regular flexibility; signs and symptoms of hypermobility; learning the potential risks; and discovering how proper alignment and engagement can help stabilize the joints and reduce the risks of injury. Yoga Alliance CEUs can be earned at this event.

Community Yoga Acro Style

Ian R

Sunday, October 8. 2023 at 2pm- 3:30 PM 

Ready to play for a good cause? Join @thriveyogaandwellness resident yogi, @ianR for an afternoon of movement and play all for a great cause!

Ian is a big guy with a giant heart which is why he wants to give you the opportunity to learn some fun partner (acro) yoga moves all while supporting ChiMer, a non-profit dedicated to helping children with end stage renal failure.

100% of the proceeds from this event go towards helping this amazing group help children. Sign up today as space is limited

Headaches and Migraines and Help, Oh My!

Dr. Jaicy Harless

Sunday, October 15, 2023 at 3 PM - 5:30 PM 

If you suffer from chronic or occasional headaches and migraines then this workshop is for you!

Led by resident Dr. of Physical Therapy, Dr. Jaicy Harless of Elite Muscle Recovery, this workshop will help us understand a little anatomy of our head, neck and shoulders, and the different parts they play in our posture and overall health in addition to how they function to help keep us from getting those pesky (and often times) debilitating headaches or migraines.

Learn strategies you can implement right away to decrease the severity and frequency and start living free!

This workshop is part of our 200 hr yoga teacher training and is available for 2 hours of CEUs with Yoga Alliance. Sign up today because space is limited

How to "Go with the Flow" a Healthy Aging Workshop

Alicia Whitely

Sunday, October 22, 2023 at 3 PM - 5:30 PM 

Join Resident NP, Alicia Whitely from Radiate Health and Wellness for another Healthy Aging Workshop where we will move through a gentle yoga flow and follow with an educational exploration of Longevity wtih "blue zones," areas throughout the world with the highest concentration of individuals that live over 100. Imagine living beyond your 60s, 70s, and 80s into your 90s and 100s and being able to do it in HEALTH! Let's see what these groups of people do and how we can do it too!

200 hr Yoga Teacher Training

Jennifer Dixon

August 19, 2023- May 19, 2024  Saturday and Sunday 12:30-5:30pm 

Join us for our Open Enrollment  200 hr Yoga Teacher Training , where you can become a certified yoga teacher with some of the best teachers in the southeast. You will be taught by experts in their field like local Physical Therapists, Chattanooga's first Authorized Ashtanga Teacher, and so many others. Our program is designed to provide in-depth knowledge and understanding of the lifelong benefits of yoga and doing so at YOUR convenience.
Throughout the event, you will receive comprehensive training in various aspects of yoga, including techniques, teaching methodology, anatomy and physiology, hands-on assisting, yoga philosophy,
The full tuition for the event is $2800. However, if you pay in full, you will receive a 15% discount. We also offer a convenient payment plan option now accepting PayPal Credit.
Don't miss this opportunity to embark on a fulfilling journey into the world of yoga teaching.

Your Pelvic Floor - What it is and how to Strengthen it

Monika Patel

Dec 3, 2023, Sunday at 3:00-5:30 PM EST

Do you suffer from Low Back Pain? How often do you have to visit "that darn bathroom?" Do you struggle with standing up straight? Do you find balance a challenge? In this workshop, Monika Patel, DPT, of Hitchcock Family Medicine, a local expert in Transverse Abdominal and Pelvic Floor strengthening will help you discover the connection between your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles and how they contribute to your overall health and well being.

When we are able to locate, engage, strengthen, and utilize our Abdominal and Pelvic Floor muscles, a number of health benefits follow. With proper engagement of these super important and often never discussed muscles, you'll find fast improvement in areas such as increased balance, improved posture, and even a decrease in back pain. In addition, by working with these muscles, we can experience other health and practice benefits such as less problems with incontinence, and even an easier time “flying” in your arm balances!

This workshop will include an experiential lecture where you identify and then experience the muscles in action with simple movements that are both yoga-based and real life functional movement-based, all of which are designed specifically to help you incorporate these new muscles into your practice and daily life.
The cost is $35.
This class is good for 2.5 CEHs with Yoga Alliance and Current Teacher Trainees are encouraged to attend!

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