Summer Solstice: How the Long Days Can Help You Thrive

Happy summer to you!  This is seriously my favorite time of year, all the sun, all the heat (yes, I even like that) and all the fun stuff to do–it’s like I’m a grade schooler that never grew up.  

(and if you’re wondering, I would’ve HATED the year round school model–despite what all the smart people say about the knowledge/skill loss with so much time off)

My mom was a school teacher, so every summer we got to play, go visit family, basically spend time enjoying LIFE instead of rushing around and stressing about schedules.  Maybe that’s why I still love it so much?

With my own kids, I can’t take the summer off (besides they’re a little too young still) but the thrill of doing SOMETHING and darn near to EVERYTHING–that is still alive and well in my psyche and hopefully you can see it in the amazing calendar of events that we have going on here at Thrive!

Today is especially awesome because it’s the official start to summer and the longest day of the year.  This is the day where you can think about how you are set to grow, to be alive, to THRIVE with all this sunshine and good weather and awesome community.  Now, is the time to set your intention to take charge of your life, your wellness, your happiness, and to just say YES to the joy that comes with all this opportunity to grow.

Have you been holding back on something?  Have you been waiting for the perfect time to start?  Have you thought, maybe I will try when my life just isn’t so busy?  Today, I encourage you to stop waiting for the perfect time. Today, right now, it is the perfect time.  Don’t let the excuse of a busy calendar, don’t let your great aunt’s second cousin, Vinny’s, visit in two weeks stop you from going after what you KNOW, deep down, is your trajectory towards total body and mind wellness.  Make the commitment, and just do it.

Of course, I hope that you’ll be like Nike, and just do it here with me here at the studio…but this drive, this decision to Thrive, it could pertain to your diet (hey, we have a free workshop on that coming up tomorrow!) it could be your decision to learn something new like how to connect your tv to the internet to the cable box, to the lights, to the moon…., it could even be to learn how to be a teacher! I hope that I encourage you today to just take action on whatever it is, and seize the opportunity that having all this extra day light gives you, to go after that dream, and together, we can make it HAPPEN!

Now, if more yoga in your life is part of what you want, take a gander at the super cool stuff we’ve got going on–starting tonight!  AND–if you haven’t already, be sure you subscribe to our YOUTUBE channel so we can get the following we need to be able to live stream!

If you’re not in the Chattanooga Area, you can start this new dedication with me on Tuesday for a 3 day yoga challenge where we will gather together live, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday starting June 25th and we will workout together. In just 10 quick minutes you’ll get a little bit of a sweat on, build some strength, open up your body and do it all LIVE with ME! The best part is, you can even get real time feedback from me if you like by signing up and signing in then turning on your camera! You can be at home, in a hotel, on vacation–it doesn’t matter! You turn on your camera and I can help YOU! It’s like being in class even if you can’t be in class!

This 3 day yoga challenge is the very first for Thrive–It is using pretty basic technology and using it in creative ways to help you get your practice on and I hope you’re as excited about it as I AM! So sign up for the class time you want, you’ll get all the info you need to join me on the mat and we will work out yoga style, together. We will take these long days by the horns and make them OURS!