Yoga Practice Growth: How practice, patience, and commitment can grow your personal yoga practice

Now, last Sunday, my husband brought home one of these adorable little flower pots full of strawberry plants from one of our favorite local farmers. My son would turn into a berry if we lived in Willy Wonka’s Factory with all the berries he loves to eat, so we figured it would be a great … Read more

Yoga Fundamentals: Growing Better Every Day

By Jennifer Dixon MBA ERYT 500 Do you remember as a kid, when you’d get picked up from school and your parent would ask, “what did you learn today?”   Sometimes, that question would end up with a monologue I’m not sure my parents even paid attention to, and sometimes it was just a quick, “eh, … Read more

The Benefits of Meditation: It’s More Than You Think

By Kristy Dusevic CHC Everyone seems to meditate these days, from the rich and famous to the everyday “Joe.” If you’re not familiar with meditation, you may be thinking it is that thing that the Buddhist Monks do, you know, where they sit for hours in silence or chant who knows what? Well, the answer … Read more