What is Truth; An exploration into the meaning of Arikshitah

    Lesleigh Guinn, RYT 200  By Lesleigh Guinn, RYT 200    Arikshitah; अरिक्स्हितह्e  means “Unprotected or Vulnerable”, in Sanskrit.    There’s a whole slew of asanas (poses) that can evoke the feeling of vulnerability. Standing backbends tend to make people uneasy, understandably. You’re essentially doing a trust fall with yourself. Frog, pigeon, dragon (just to name a few), they tend to … Read more

Raise Your Floor: How overcoming fears and insecurities can increase your potential

As this week started, several super awesome projects started either getting finished up or finally getting started.  I’m talking THREE big, HUGE deals finally came to fruition–all at the same time (isn’t that funny how that seems to happen?)  As I was sitting down trying to go over my “list” of things to do to … Read more

Do What You Love, and Then You Won’t be Afraid Anymore..

Thrive Yoga and Welness

Earlier today, while I was letting the TV babysit my children…please don’t judge me, but sometimes, between managing the studio and the house, and any of the millions of other things that call my attention, I allow my children to watch tv so I can do things like….write you an email! I was going to … Read more