Smart and Simple Self-Care Practices That Boost Mental Health

Image courtesy of Pixabay Smart and Simple Self-Care Practices That Boost Mental Health Are you looking for easy self-care methods that help you feel better?  Some of the best answers for solving that puzzle are surprisingly simple.  Here are some uncomplicated self-care practices that can provide tremendous returns.   De-stress by decluttering Chances are you … Read more

How to Develop a Home Yoga Practice: Top Tips to Successfully Incorporate a Regular Personal Yoga Practice

Recently, I wrote the Whys for developing a home practice.  In that post, I said that a regular home practice is the best way to really get to know yourself and your yoga practice, on your time, and in your space.  In today’s post, I want to give you some tips on HOW to do … Read more

How to Practice Yoga when it Matters

Have you heard of the Nextdoor App? It’s basically a way for neighborhoods to get connected virtually, either via the application on their phones or through a website or even emails. The application is a great way to spread the word about things in your neighborhood, stuff like lost cats, suspicious people, look for help … Read more