Yoga Philosophy: The 2nd Niyama, Santosha or Contentment

Join Jennifer Dixon ERYT 500 and Authorized Ashtanga Yoga teacher and Merritt Maloof Plumb Reiki Master and Energy Worker from The Energy Center as they discuss and explore the 8 limbs of yoga, or Ashtanga Yoga. Oftentimes, the physical yoga postures are what bring people to the practice of yoga. However, with a commited practice, … Read more

Goat Yoga

Thrive Goat Yoga

By Jennifer Dixon MBA ERYT 500 – Have you heard? Our friends over at Mending Arrow Ranch have had a bunch of new baby goats come their way and have been working hard on getting these babies acclimated to children and yoga…so it is TIME!  GOAT YOGA TIME! Oh my Gosh, if you didn’t catch … Read more

How to Beat the Cold and Flu Season, Naturally with Elderberry Syrup

Thrive Yoga Elderberry

By Kristy Dusevc CHC – The seasons are changing and we are fast approaching the nasty cold and flu season. I have seen reports of the flu virus already being reported in our area. Did you know that you can reduce your chances of catching everything that comes your way? At the very least you can … Read more

Do What You Love, and Then You Won’t be Afraid Anymore..

Thrive Yoga and Welness

Earlier today, while I was letting the TV babysit my children…please don’t judge me, but sometimes, between managing the studio and the house, and any of the millions of other things that call my attention, I allow my children to watch tv so I can do things like….write you an email! I was going to … Read more