Why Diets Fail and Fitness is for Life

I was prompted to share this response I made on social media encouraging another fitness oriented person to stay the course after rebounding or “yo-yo dieting”. So many people were encouraged by these words that I thought I would share this with you here. Instead of dieting (that’s a “bad word” in my vocabulary) I … Read more

Yoga for Weight Loss-the Sustainable Solution

Thrive Yoga

By Jennifer Dixon MBA ERYT 500 As a Health and Wellness professional, I am often asked questions about weight loss, muscle strength, etc.  Of course, I can only give my opinions, views, and answers–all of which are biased by my own personal experience and insights. The reality is, that’s all anyone can do because there … Read more

Raspberries for Yoga, Health, and Weight Loss!

By Kristy Dusevic CHC We will finish off our berry “talk” with my favorite berry of them all… Raspberries. When these delicious little treats are ripe and in season, I just can’t get enough. Raspberries, like the other berries discussed, are full of some amazing health benefits and the best part is that they are … Read more