How to Create a Challenging but Beginner Friendly Yoga Sequence

Many years ago I was really into the more (what I thought were) “physically demanding” sports. In high school, I was in ROTC and I loved the outdoor running, rope challenges, etc. That morphed into longer distance running, high intensity workouts (can I get an Amen for Insanity??) I spent many many many hours following … Read more

Chaturanga : Top 3 Drills to Build Strength for this Pose

Chaturanga Thrive Yoga & Wellness

By Jennifer Dixon MBA ERYT 500 Chaturanga Dandasana –sometimes it’s called Low-Plank pose, or Yoga Push up, or any number of other less than savory nicknames….why?  Because this pose is HARD! The Chaturanga Dandasana –or 4 limbed staff pose, requires tremendous strength in the upper and lower body–all the muscles working together to do the … Read more