Sacred Spaces: The Mahabharata’s Final Scenes: The Pandavas Heavenly Journey & Do All Dogs Truly Go to Heaven?

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In today’s Sacred Spaces discussion with Merritt Maloof Plumb of the Energy Center and Thrive Yoga and Wellness and Jennifer Dixon with Thrive Yoga and Wellness, we discuss the final scenes of the Great Indian Epic, The Mahabharata (This is an affiliate link to the audible version of this book.). It is from this tale that we get an understanding of the foundational beliefs of this ancient culture as well as the Bhagavad Gita.

Who are the Pandavas?

Most yogis know (or at least have heard of) the “Gita” if they have studied the practice for any length of time. The entire poem takes over 2 days to recite in its entirety and covers the lives of 5 great brothers, the Pandavas. Yudhishthira, Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadeva. All great warriors with a ton of great mythological battles and scenes, but today’s discussion is on their final journey.

Why did the Pandavas Journey to Heaven?

The Pandava Journey into Heaven. The five brothers and their wife (Draupadi) decide to give up their throne (yes, you heard that right, one wife and giving up throne) and make the journey to get to heaven. It is believed you can walk there, if you have lived a pious life, through the Himalayan mountains.

The Journey to Heaven

When they leave their kingdom, immediately, they are befriended by a stay dog. This mysterious dog is their companion all over the Indian journey and into the mountains. One by one, the wife, and the Pandava Brothers die, each suffering the fate of their respective greatest “sins.” These sins are the same battles we face today, partiality, arrogance, ego, vanity, gluttony, etc. Only one brother, the eldest, and considered most Pios, Yudhisthira is given the opportunity to make it to heaven.

However, this opportunity presents itself in the form of a chariot driven by Indra and at the stipulation that the dog can’t go with him. Yudhisthira, true to his personality refuses to abandon the dog, loyal friend, and now a dependent follower. Even after a debate with Indra, the choice is made and Yudhisthira decides to stay on earth. At that moment, the dog transforms into Lord Rama (God of Dharma.)

*Spoiler alert*

  • All 5 brothers and their wife make it to heaven.
  • The dog does not go into heaven as a dog.

What to Learn About the Journey to Heaven from the Pandava Brothers

In today’s discussion, we talk about this story, the sins worthy of physical death. We talk about what lessons we could learn from each of the brothers, the wife, and of course the dog. This is a beautiful, often un-heard of tale from an Indian Epic. We hope you enjoy our interpretation of the short story, that it causes you to think, and that it entertains yous. Please subscribe to our channel for more!

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