The Mantra Lux Pro Mat

The Mantra Lux Pro Mat

By Jennifer Dixon MBA ERYT 500 –

Recently, I wrote about my hands down ultimate favorite, sorta strangely loved yoga mat, the Manduka Eko.  If you learned anything about yoga mats from that post, hopefully, it was that people can get a little funny about their yoga mats.  I mean, I will readily admit how odd it is that I am so darn into my mat, but suffice it to say, when you are looking for a mat for yourself or your friend, know it’ll be a personal reflection of their life on the mat.  This means it may take some time to grow to love it, or it may be love at first sweat…us yogis are funny creatures!

So another full disclosure.  

I am not paid a dime for this review.

 I am writing these reviews solely to have a resource to point folks to when asked, (bec as a yoga studio owner, I get asked this a lot) because I genuinely do like to write–especially on my opinions (i know, how vain), and finally because these reviews have been helping me to decide why it is that I always go back to the mat(s) I do go back to.  It’s like a self-realization journey through yoga mats. Since part of a regular yoga practice is about self-realization, let’s just consider these reviews an insiders glimpse into this journey. :) Do keep in mind, I do have some affiliate links which do not cost you a dime but do help support several studio related events. 

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What You Need to Know about the  Mantra Lux Pro Mat.  

Mantra Style, A Local Company

First of all, let me tell you how incredibly awesome I think it is that my beautiful hometown has a yoga mat company!  SERIOUSLY! I am a small business owner in Chattanooga, so I’m forever trying to help the brave, tenacious folks like myself.  This means when the Mantra Style company approached me to ask me to try to help spread the word about their products (some of which are 100% USA made) I was legit busting at the seams.  I want this company to be huge, I really do!

The manufacturing facility used to be a dilapidated old building, in the city that I actually went to high school. Mantra Style owner purchased and renovated the building, and made the space truly beautiful. It’s hard to find manufacturing facilities that are beautiful, but dude, I kid you not, this place is just that.  The company was founded by an ex-carpet industry guy. It turned out he used to run around in the same circle as one of my sisters (my hometown is like a big small town), so I sort of knew about this product way before the company was formed.

The original product (to be reviewed at a later date) was actually part of another product he developed for his old industry.  The remnants he got from that old product felt a lot like a yoga mat, he thought, and so thus began the first of the Mantra Style journey.

The Lux Pro Mat isn’t exactly a part of the original product line, that’s the Core mats (to be reviewed later) but it is a direct result of years of intense industry study, tons of competitive intelligence gathering, a couple of trips to manufacturing facilities overseas, and then a quick test run with a few online influencers and locals like myself.  You may be wondering why I decided to review the Lux Pro first vs the Core mat, and it’s because I’m reviewing things based on my personal preference. I actually do really like this Lux Pro and here is why.

Stats about the Mantra Lux Pro Mat

This mat runs between $99 and $119 depending on if you get the wider 28’’ or the 26’’.

Mantra Lux Pro Mat Product Details:


  • All-Purpose Yoga Mat (Black, Grey, Green, Pink)
  • Wider, Thicker, and Longer (High Performance)
  • Thick, High-Density Polyurethane and Natural Rubber
  • Hypoallergenic and PVC Free
  • Non-Slip, Cushioned Surface
  • Easy to Roll and Store
  • Dimensions: 28” x 76” x 6.5mm Thick
  • Lightweight and Portable (7 lbs. 4 oz.)
  • Assembled in the USA

Things I like about the Lux Pro Mat by Mantra Style

  1. This mat is legit non-slip.  I mean you could come out of a swimming pool and dripping wet bust out a downward facing dog, crescent lunge twist to side plank sequence and never ever slip.  Those of you that feel like you sweat enough to be accused of swimming in a hot yoga class REALLY will appreciate that fact.
  2. This mat is cushioned.  Since the majority of my practice is at home on bamboo floors, that legit can get hard on the joints.  It’s a godsend to have the slightly thicker than average cushion there to take the blow.
  3. The Lux Pro is a couple inches wider than most mats and longer, so when my kiddos are “helping me practice” I still have some space.
  4. This mat is a Chattanooga YOGA mat!  How cool is that?!?! (ok, I get it, you may not be from Chattanooga, TN, but I’m so super stoked to have a local company trying to bust into this super competitive space with a good solid yoga mat for all levels practitioner.
  5. You can use the Lux Pro in a heated, non-heated, flow, yin, restorative–it doesn’t matter.  The cushion helps you to enjoy the time spent supine in those slower moving classes, and so does the extra space.

Things I don’t really care for with the Lux Pro Mat by Mantra Style

  1. This mat is HEAVY. It comes in at 7.4 oz, which is .4 oz heavier than the Manduka Eko, which is already pretty dang heavy to tote around.
  2. This mat is SUPER cushioned–now I know I said I appreciated the cushion but outside of practicing on a hard surface, this mat is too soft for basically any other surface.  So, if you practice on carpeting man alive, it’ll feel like you’re practicing on one of those foam floats.
  3. You can only roll the mat up one way (with the more sleek side showing) which is just annoying.  If you roll it the other way (which is how I like to roll up my mats, because then they’ll just unroll easily ready to practice instead of turning it over, the manufacturer says it’ll cause the non-stick, sleek looking side to bubble (which mine has already, with under 6 months of regular use.)
  4. It doesn’t seem like this mat will stand up to the test of time if it’s already bubbling up.  (we are using my mat in the studio as a demo mat for folks to try before they buy)
  5. The sides are curved.  Now, this sounds silly, but I like 90-degree edges.  My teacher taught via the corners and it’s hard to let that habit die.  I know they were trying to go for a softer look, but I personally like the corners.
  6. The wider / longer size can be problematic in yoga studios that are full.  I totally get the need for a bigger mat though, I mean, we’ve all seen the 6’4 dudes that are trying to practice on conventional mats just basically practicing on the floor, but most yogis aren’t that big and so it ends up being a lot of wasted space inside the studio room, which as a yoga studio owner isn’t ideal.

So, would I recommend the Mantra Lux Pro mat?  Sure! I have sold several in the studio. Folks love how non-slippery it is, and a lot of my clients love how cushioned it is.  I love supporting local, and although this mat is made in China, I know the folks personally that assemble the packaging. I want them to keep working and creating more products, so I love supporting them!  Do I say it’s my favorite? No. I love my Manduka Eko and that will probably be my go-to mat for the rest of my life–esp if I can keep my current one around that long (which I totally get is not great for the Manduka business.) This is one of the main mats I do use when I am in the studio practicing, however–even if it is super cushioned.  My theory is, if I can balance on that soft surface, I can balance on anything! Bring it slacklines! (hahaha!)

Let me know what you think.  When you come to the studio ask to demo our Mantra Lux Pro mat and you decide for yourself.  If you are a taller/bigger person, that added length and width may feel like a godsend. If you have tired/achy joints, you may love the cushion when you’re practicing.  I’d love to hear your thoughts! You can shoot me an email anytime at jennifer@thriveyogaandwellness.com.  I can’t wait to practice with you soon!

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