The Secret to Lasting Health and Wellness: Knowing your WHY

Last night a dear sweet friend asked me how much I “worked out.”

I gave her this response:

“I practice 5-6 days a week for about 45 – 60 mins every day. For the past two weeks, I have been lifting weights 3 x in a week because I’m participating in a challenge for the next month.”

I wanted to know why she asked me that question and she said she wanted to know the amount of time entrepreneurial women spend exercising. Between the studio, the online programming and some other side projects I am responsible for, my plate is full!

I responded with this statement that I think is true for ALL women and men and I thought my Fitness and Nutrition Family should see it:

“Entrepreneurial women (and men) (we can insert all people) will find the time to do what they think is most important.”

I have exercised nearly every day since I was 12. I know it makes me a “nicer” person, but it also is and has been an outlet for my excess energy and emotions. When I couldn’t run anymore, the physical practice of yoga filled that running hole perfectly, so it was easy to switch from daily runs to daily practices.

and before I get any hate mail from the yoga purists, yes, I recognize yoga is more than a physical practice, MUCH MORE.

However, I found yoga for the physical benefits, I have stayed with yoga for the many other benefits. It’s through the physical practice that I can stay strong physically and mentally. If I don’t practice (Which I still do consider my main form of exercise) then not only do I suffer but those around me suffer too because the excess isn’t burned off and they end up experiencing it.

Not everyone is driven by that or sees this connection so I get that I may not be “Normal.” But the daily practice is where I sort through my crap and is often where I find that I make space for my creativity, where problems get solved, and where I can find peace even when the kids are watching loud cartoons jumping on the couch and there is a mountain of laundry.

To me, my health is more important than the laundry, the dust on the floor, and the “fires” that need to be out. If I don’t practice, then I don’t serve my family (at home or at Thrive) at my best.

What is your reason? Why are you focusing on your health, wellness, fitness? Once you understand why you do your exercise—whether it is lifting, practicing yoga, running, whatever it is, then it becomes much easier to stay the course when things get hard (like time changes, sick family members, a big project at work.) When your WHY is greater than the excuses, that’s when your lifestyle will support your fitness routine.

If you don’t have a regular exercise programing, why?

If you struggle with managing the chaos in life, have you tried incorporating exercising regularly?

This week, make a commitment to yourself to clarify your WHY then make the choice to implement the necessary HOWs. If you’re in Chattanooga, TN, then come in and take some yoga classes with us here at Thrive. If you’re not in town, did you know Thrive has a Youtube Channel? If you are looking for some super specific one on one strength based, yoga inspired, quantified nutrition leadership to help you jump start your health and wellness journey, then you should definitely check out the Thrive Elite training where you can work with me privately 1 on 1 and we will develop a strategy that will help you meet your overall health, wellness, fitness goals. I can’t wait to see all the places you will go!

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