Three (legal) Backyard Herbs that help Combat Stress

Three (legal) Backyard Herbs that Help Combat Stress

A brief glimpse into the power of nature and our Touch Move Heal Workshop.


This super popular garden flower is known as a go-to for all things relaxation.  Used for millennia, this potent flower has been used for everything from warding away unwanted insects, to fighting off infections, and of course, helping people to relax.  This multi-functional plant can help you relax just by inhaling the fragrant flowers, but can also be used in a simple tea (boil water and put the flower buds in to steep for several minutes).  You can also use the dried flowers in your bedroom to help fragrantly put you to sleep at night.  Although this plant isn't native to our area, it does grow well in gardens and flower pots and loves lots of sun.

Passion Flower

This Tennessee State WildFlower is known for its delicate petals and beautiful bright purple color.  Did you also know that it is a great addition to your arsenal against stress?  This tiny but mighty flower is an excellent all natural helper in the fight against Insomnia, can help relieve anxiety, and can even be used as a natural relief for symptoms related to drug withdrawals (just to name a few!)  The easiest way to get this fabulous natural "fixer" is to make a tea!  It smells as pretty as it looks and the benefits are as powerful as the bloom is dainty.  Nature certainly knows what she's doing!

Valerian Root

Valerian is another fabulous natural remedy to stress.  This plant loves our area, and has amazing natural remedy properties.  Valerian can combat anxiety and stress, help you to sleep, and has even been shown effective against ADHD (among many many other benefits.)  This remedy is usually consumed, not by the flower, but by the root of the plant.  Valerian root tea is not floral in nature, since it is made from the root, but definitely more earthy, so is usually paired with another more floral or more palatable herb with similar characteristics. 

If you're not into hunting down flowers or gardening, there are easy ways you can incorporate these natural, healing herbs into your daily life.

Here are a few of my favorite things.  (this is an affiliate link)

  1. Honey Lavender Tea  I love this one, it makes me feel like I'm drinking a warm cup of relaxation, flowers and spring.
  2. Passion Flower Tea  I love this hot tea right before bed or when I'm getting over whelmed (yes, even studio owners get over whelmed!)  It's a light fragrant tea.  Some people like to add honey, but I drink it straight.
  3. Valerian Root Tea  Now, you guys, be prepared to SLEEP with this tea.  No joke.  I don't drink this tea during the day and I make sure I drink it only if I know I have a good night to sleep it off because this tea legit knocks me on my toes.  Many a blissful night have been accompanied by this pleasant combination of Valerian Root, Chammomile, Passion Flower (yup, it's the TRIFECTA of relaxation here people) and other pleasant spices.  This tea will get the job done, but make sure you give yourself enough time to sleep it off!  (I have warned you!)

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