Thrive Online HIT Yoga Challenge

Are you ready to try some HIT (High Intensity Training) Yoga?  Join us for this completely free 5 day HIT Yoga challenge from the comfort of your home!  HIT Yoga is the Thrive Yoga and Wellness way of combining the very best of yoga and fitness into this super effective, awesome calorie and fat burning exercise program that you can do even if you have little or no yoga experience!

HIT Yoga is High intensity–you are going to get your heart rate elevated–but it is low impact–so you don’t have to worry about jumping up and down or hurting your back with all the impact of typical aerobic type classes.  You can burn a ton of calories and not do a single jumping jack, who would have thought?!?! If you have never tried a High Impact Training Yoga Fitness class, this is your time!

Each class during this challenge will be emailed to you directly and includes 5 days of 30 minute yoga inspired workouts that will challenge your balance, core, legs, and upper body.  If you have never tried yoga or if you were afraid it wasn’t a good workout, well guess what, try this 5 day challenge and see for yourself…all completely for free!

No hidden fees, no commitments, you just sign up to be in the challenge and you’ll receive 5 days of workouts delivered right to your inbox!  Each work out challenges your body–it’ll get you sweating, building strength AND building flexibility in a way only yoga truly can. The best part about the HIT Yoga Challenge with Thrive Yoga and Wellness is that you can practice these videos at home and you don’t need any props or weights-your body is your weight!  The second best part of this challenge is that it’ll leave you feeling like you are changing something–and in a major way!

In just 30 minutes a day, you CAN get stronger, you can get more flexible and you CAN make a difference in your body and move towards your fitness goals.  Sign up below to get started! Your first workout will be sent to you immediately!!



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