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Practice at Home, but Not Alone


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Take your favorite classes from the comfort of your home.

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    You are busy, we GET IT!
    Now, for less than the cost of one movie ticket, you can have unlimited access to Thrive's growing library of full length classes, short tutorials, and quick, targeted yoga sequences.  
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    Gain Access to Real Time Interactive Practices!
    Your Membership entitles you to our regular LIVE small group interactive virtual training sessions that will help encourage you and inspire you to move forward in your personal practice and wellness journey!
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    Get the Encouragement, Community and Support 
    You'll get access to our Private Facebook Group AND regular live virtual meetups with demos, interviews and more!

Practice at Home, but Not Alone 

Just because you can't make it to the studio doesn't mean you can't practice!

A Variety of Classes

Whether you're looking for High Intensity or Gentle Beginners, Thrive Online has you covered!

Tutorials to Keep Your Safe

The Thrive Online includes short "Yoga Basics" videos that break down everything you need to keep you safe and able to practice for years to come.  

More than Workout Videos; It's an Interactive Learning Community

When you join Thrive Online you'll get the chance to practice live and you will get live feedback if you want it!

Keep your Workouts Fresh! 

New videos, tutorials and more added weekly to help you stay motivated and going strong!

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About Jennifer Dixon Lead Instructor

Jennifer found Yoga after a serious injury to her back left her unable to do the high impact exercises she loved.  After her first Power Yoga Class, she was hooked.  Nearly 10 years later, Jennifer is an Authorized Ashtanga Yoga Teacher as well as an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher 500, focusing on strength building through low impact yoga practices.  She takes her love of the high intensity exercises onto the yoga mat, which will help you gain strength, flexibility, stamina, as well as peace of mind.  Jennifer is witty and creative teacher that will take even the most basic yoga concepts and make them challenging and fun.  You'll feel the difference after just one class, and you'll see the difference just just a few short weeks.

“Yoga is meant to be fun.  Yoga is meant to spark your curiosity, and keep you hooked with challenge and daily growth.  Let's practice together and I will show you how!”


Jennifer Dixon

Thrive Online: An Online Yoga Community

You'll get access to a growing Library of Tutorials and unique Full Length Sequences that'll challenge your full body and mind


You'll have the opportunity to get Real, LIVE, support, virtually!


You get real time access to the Thrive Team and lots of other new friends to ask questions and encourage you in your wellness journey every step of the way



What People Are Saying...


I never knew I could burn so many calories in a Yoga Class!

“I hate going to the gym, but I know I have to exercise.  Jennifer's Thrive Online workouts are AWESOME.  I never knew I could burn so many calories practicing yoga, and I felt amazing after my first practice.”

Jaime K. (High School Teacher)


I didn't think Yoga was for me...

“I always thought yoga was sitting around humming so I didn't think Yoga was for me, or that it could help me get into shape, but after just the first week, I already felt stronger and was sleeping better!”

Jeanne D (Retired Vision Specialist)


After the birth of my first son, I didn't think I would ever have the time to exercise...

“I work full time, and after I had my first son, I felt guilty for leaving him all day and then staying gone at the gym, but I knew I needed to work out.  I missed the gym and yoga, so when I found Thrive Online, it was perfect!  I get to workout, get my yoga in, and I can do it while my son is playing nearby.

Joy H (Attorney)


Jennifer's Yoga Inspired Fitness Routines are Unlike anything I've Tried Before!

“Jennifer's Yoga Inspired Fitness Routines are Unlike anything I've Tried Before!  I typically run and the compliment that exercise with other online resources, but Thrive Online is LEGIT!  It's got the basic, gentle yoga, but it's also got Jennifer's Yoga, which is fitness oriented, challenging, and fun.  Jennifer keeps you engaged and smiling and uses very basic yoga sequences and postures in unique combinations to make you want to tap out in the best possible way!  

Jillian J. (Sales and Marketing)

Is Thrive Online Right For You?

Thrive Online is for You IF

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    You want to practice yoga 
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    You're too busy or you live too far away
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    You love to practice, but a gym membership is just too much

Thrive Online Won't Work If...

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    You aren't willing to commit to yourself and your practice
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    You don't want a super suportive, interactive online experience

I know that you'll love the virtual community that we have set up, and that you'll be AMAZED at how you can practice at home but STILL get real time feedback, so I'm willing to give you your money back if you're not satisfied after the first two weeks!

Jennifer Dixon


Did Someone Say Free Bonuses?

Access to a private Facebook Group

When You Join Thrive Online, You'll gain access to our Member's Only Facebook group where you'll get first access to all the new workouts, you can ask me whatever questions you have, and you can chat with lots of other mamas all Thriving Together.


Real Time Access and Live Workouts

Your Membership includes weekly interactive live workouts, and twice monthly video Q&As with the membership where you can ask anything  Yoga, workout, wellness, nutrition, and more!

Start Today! Feel Stronger in less than an hour!

You have LOTS of options to Practice!

Online Membership only $18 / Month

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    Instant Access to ALL the Workouts, Tutorials and Online Community
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    Exclusive access to our Interactive Virtual Practices
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    100% satisfaction guarantee

1-on-1 Coaching


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    Get a free workout with me!  
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    Practice in the privacy of your home with me virtually!
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    100% satisfaction guarantee  

Package 3 only $54

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    4 full length Workouts
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    Lifetime access with on-demand downloads
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    Downloadable PDFs with Workouts Highlighted
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    100 % Satisfaction guarantee



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