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Welcome to a Life that Thrives....Online

Are you ready for the next great program from Thrive Yoga and Wellness?  

Introducing Online Video Courses and Memberships so you can take your practice with you no matter where life takes you!


This first online Community includes a growing list of professionally edited Hi-def instructional videos, full length sequences, full color, in - depth manuals for each sequence and a growing list of Bonus Materials that is sure to help you Bounce Back after that baby.  

Next, the Mommy Bounce Back Program includes an online community there to support you through every step of your journey into motherhood.  Being a mom is tough!  Managing the house, working, keeping the human alive--and still trying to make time for yourself and your health...it's a STRUGGLE!  Let this supportive online community come alongside you and help!  You'll have direct access to the members and Jennifer where she will host weekly classes live (streamed) and then monthly Q & As where we can talk all things yoga, exercise, wellness--you name it!  You don't have to go it alone, The Mommy Bounce Back Community can help you regain your health and fitness, and give you the connections you need to feel supported and strong.

Whether you are 3 months or 30 years postpartum, you  have special needs.  You carried and cared for another human (or humans), you kept yourself and your family together, you created the space for your family to thrive.  Well, now's YOUR time to Thrive.  

And the best part is, YOUR time can be right in the middle of your Living Room.  Your time can be during Nap time or just after bedtime.  YOUR time can be 12 minutes or 60 minutes.  Each time you come to your mat to practice, you will be challenged, encouraged, engaged, and you will finish each practice feeling stronger and more empowered.  

This online membership offers tons of convenience, education, and support PLUS it offers the flexibility you need to fit into your budget!  At only $19.99 / month, you get access to an amazing supportive, online community, original content that can be fit into your life, and direct access to the information you need to Bounce Back.  


The online membership is AMAZING, you'll grow, practice, learn and make great connections with women just like you, and now, you can do it all for just $1 for the first month!  You'll get 100% access to all the materials, the live classes, the online community, and live Q&A and you'll only have to pay $1 for the first month.  After that first month, you will be charged just $19.99 / month.    (or, for full access for a full year, you'll only have to pay $165.)

Listen mama, you CAN BOUNCE BACK.  Let me show you how.  Let's do it together.  Click the button below to find out more and to take advantage of our limited time $1 trial.  You'll get immediate access to hours of awesome practices and you'll have first access to all the amazing content that will be added continuously.