Top 5 Things to Visit When Going to Cuba

Places You Must See During Your Cuba Trip

Cuba, a blast from the past, was a forbidden land until recent years. Havana is a beautiful country that is best seen during the end of the year and the beginning of the next year when it’s not too hot and not experiencing the rainy season. The flight prices don’t change too much either s

o you can really come whenever you like and the history is very much alive here year round. Let’s pay a visit to Cuba!

A Spread of La Havana

It would be unfair not to mention a little bit of every activity to give you a taste of what Cuba has to offer. If you’re a music-lover, you belong at jazz bar over a cerveza.

You can pay a visit to the famous club called La Zorra y El Cuervo. Want to learn some Cuban salsa? Hit the outdoor club 1830 and bring your dancing shoes. If you’re a foodie, be prepared to delight your senses with some delicious street foods. Try hamburguesa de cerdo, pie de coco, batidos de guayaba, fricasse de carnero, or pizza hawaiana.

El Cañonazo de las Nueve

Definitely check out “el cañonazo de las nueve” at the La Cabaña fortress in the evening time. Be prepared for a show with soldiers dressed up in uniforms and freedom to roam the grounds for museums and exhibits inside. At 9PM, the tradition is to shoot an old cannon to signify the closing the closing of the bay. Be prepared for a great evening view of the city too.

Plaza Vieja

The Plaza Vieja serves as another popular hotspot opposite Plaza de Armas if that gets too busy. Once upon a time, rich citizens use to watch bullfights, executions, and fiesta from their balconies. The square itself may be quite normal but it’s the surrounding shops and bars around that help make this a great place to meet up with friends.


If you’re more of the wandering and sight-seeing on the budget type, checking out this residential area can prove an adventure in itself. It’s located to the west of Central Havana and home to mansions from the 20th-century. Walk to the many parks and gardens and take part in one of the most unique places to visit in Cuba. Get lost among the colorful buildingswhere almost every corner could be an instagram pic.

Sunset walk on El Malecon

After a long day of work or sightseeing, there’s nothing better than strolling along this stretch of paved road long the sea. There’s nothing that beats the sea view and soft breeze flowing flowing from the ocean as you see musicians, fishermen, and vendors on the way. Don’t forget your camera!

If you’re more of a night owl, the area nearby is the equivalent of a walk through Las Vegas from dawn until dusk. Gather friends to go have some good rum and dance to some beats and the waves outside.

You Might Never Want to Leave

There’s a romantic vibe with seeing old buildings covered with plant-life right next to other more modern looking ones. There’s simply so much to do in Cuba that one should give more time in this cool country.  It might be a great place to hire retreat venue for bringing people here to rest and relax too. Don’t say we didn’t warn you about Cuba. Have an amazing time! Buen viaje!