Using Your Yoga Practice To Reduce Long-Term Physical Pain

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While most people are aware of the importance of cooling down after exercise using dynamic stretches, some people experience a form of chronic pain as part of their physical routines. When we start any yoga routine, the important thing is to gradually build up our strength. We should never literally overstretch our abilities. When we do yoga, we will feel fantastic benefits over time, but when you are someone who is using yoga to reduce your physical pain, what are the best ways to improve your pain threshold? 

Using Natural Products 

You could use natural products to decrease pain. There are natural painkillers, such as lavender, essential oil, peppermint, and ginger, but one that has proven very popular in recent years is CBD oil. It is important that when you buy CBD oil that you choose the right dosage. The best way to begin is to start with a lower dose, such as 10%, and build up until you find something that works. Natural products are in abundance in health stores, and when you use these in combination with your yoga practice, you can slowly begin to see the difference.

Incorporating Breathwork

Many people find when they’re doing something uncomfortable they hold their breath, which is a natural reflex. Breathwork is a key part of yoga practice. You can start to breathe with the moves, and over time, evolve to more complex Pranayama techniques, like alternative nostril breathing

Practicing Focused Relaxation 

Mindfulness is a very common practice these days, and it can truly elevate your yoga practice. Using conscious relaxation techniques like body scans or guided relaxation can help you to become more aware of your body, identify pain points, and work to remove these issues. This is why the importance of a Savasana (relaxation pose) can make a big difference, helping to relieve the symptoms of chronic pain.

Using Yoga to Focus Your Mind 

Pain is not necessarily a physical sensation. It is a combination of feelings, and if you can teach your mind to change your experience of his physical pain, and listen to your body, you can move past your experiences of chronic pain.

Taking it Slow 

Using mild to moderate exercise can decrease physical pain, and increased flow of blood and oxygen will improve your energy levels. But if you are someone that’s experiencing long-term pains, such as mild arthritis, you could benefit from stretching and moving your joints through a range of motion while also finding ways to reduce that physical sensation. 

The physical pain that many people feel is something that can stop them from doing the things in life that make them happy. Yoga should be a key part of your exercise regime, but it can be wonderful to reduce any long-term physical pain. Yoga is great for mind and body, and as yoga makes us become more aware of our physical limitations, brings more oxygen into our body, and changes our abilities to deal with the physical side of pain, yoga can be invaluable.