Virtual Private Sessions: Now Available with Thrive Yoga and Wellness

In today’s super busy time crunched world, it’s super hard to think about, let alone plan for taking care of yourself–dude, I get it, i’m in the health and wellness industry for crying out loud, and I still struggle!  With two little kids (not quite 4 and 2) –that apparently don’t need as much sleep as I do, the struggle is REAL when it comes to my pursuit of health and wellness.

Ok, I”m going to say something that may shock you–I know it will definitely shock the other ashtangis in the world.  At this stage in my life, a 5 or 6 am yoga session is just NOT gonna happen. Most days, I’m up til 11 or 12 doing –you know, mom or small business ownership stuff.  The idea of waking up at 5 just makes me want to vomit. Next, my kids only go to mother’s day out 4 days a week for a total of 20 hours–which is the only childfree time I get to do the business of Yoga Studio management.  Read here, that’s not enough…

Point is, health and wellness are INTENTIONAL acts that I place in my life–not because it is what i do for a living, but because I know my wellness is key to the wellness of my family.  I’m an “older” mom, having both of my kids after the age of 35. This means, when many of my contemporaries are about to teach their kids to drive, or at the very least they are about to be entering middle school, I’m still dealing with dirty diapers and nightmares.  Yall I’m not gonna lie, being almost 40 and chasing around a 2 year old is NO JOKE. I haven’t had a day with less than 10000 steps since he started walking over a year ago!

Here’s the thing, if it weren’t for my practice, I wouldn’t be able to keep up the way that I do.  I Wouldn’t be able to stay up til midnight only to get up with each nightmare and then again at 6, just to do it all over again.  It’s the intentional act of stepping on my mat–whether for 20 minutes or 60 + minutes nearly every day that keeps my body moving, and energized enough to take care of my family, take care of my beautiful, growing studio, and to do all the other things I love to do.  If it weren’t for that practice, something would have to give, and –that’s simply not an option. This means, practice is not an option, it’s a requirement just like my family, job, and everything else.

Here’s the thing, I bet You are busy just like that too.  Maybe you’re not chasing around adorable little allergy sufferers, but you have your life, your kids, your job, your commitments.  I get it. You WANT to take care of yourself and do things like go to the gym, but you simply can’t find the time between soccer practice, that presentation you have to give, and then that endless pile of laundry sitting there calling your name.  

That’s where this blog post is going to make you smile.  With technology so user friendly, and smartphones in everyone’s hands, Thrive Yoga and Wellness is gonna make it easier than ever for you to reach your wellness goals–whether it is low impact, fitness oriented yoga or slower, more therapeutic yoga absolutely possible, right from the comfort of your home.

You now have the opportunity to take private yoga sessions with me one on one right from the comfort of your home virtually!  This means, if you’re too busy to get to the gym, but you think you can carve out 30- 60 minutes of YOU time, you can go straight from your smartphone or laptop, sign in to a video chat, and have a customized plan made just for you!   Yes, my passion is definitely fitness oriented, but I have been working with my teacher, Manju Jois for nearly 8 years on his Ashtanga Yoga Therapy program, and he recently blessed me to share his knowledge of Ashtanga Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga Therapy.  I am happy to spread that knowledge to you now, with the wonders of technology!  Keep in mind, each person’s program is going to be completely unique. Your yoga therapy may be more physical than someone else’s based simply on what your goals and life circumstances are.  The beauty of yoga is –it is for every BODY…period. Whether you’re 82 years old or you’re 23. You can benefit from a yoga practice in your life, and I’d love to show you how!
If you’d like to schedule your virtual private yoga session with me, Click Here.  I’d love to sit down with you to discuss your goals and expectations and then spend some time practicing with you.  After your practice, you will leave with a detailed program on things to work on and we will have bi-weekly check ins for progress.  I’m dedicated to your success and I know I can help you! I can’t wait to work with you soon!