Funky Farms Watermelon Gummies Review

A Tasty CBD Isolate Option to Help You Relieve Stress, Anxiety and Maybe even Sleep

Join Jennifer Dixon and Judson Ross of Thrive Yoga and Wellness and Thrive Hemp Store as they review Funky Farms Watermelon CBD Gummies. 

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These gummies are pretty tasty, have 10 mg of CBD Isolate in each gummy and come in at $2/gummy. Each bag contains 5 gummies. We reviewed the Watermelon Gummies in this video, and actually really like them.

Funky Farms offers their Analysis right on their website so you know you’re getting exactly what is advertised. This helps you to know you get exactly what the package is selling you–which is SUPER helpful in today’s flooded CBD market. 

One major selling point for the Funky Farms Gummies? ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS!

Plus, Funky Farms Gummies are also Vegan, but then so are all the products that Funky Farms and Original Hemp. 

Funky Farms gives you 3 choices for flavors in their gummies: Watermelon (as talked about above), Grape, and Tropical. Jennifer prefers the Watermelon flavored gummies best.

If you want to try some of these pretty tasty, inexpensive gummies check out this link. (it is an affiliate link).  

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