What are Chakras?

Have you ever heard your yoga teacher talk about Chakras and thought, “What in the world is that hippie talking about?”

(or, maybe that was just me.)

This year, Thrive Yoga and Wellness decided to join over a half a million other people to finish the year strong, and joined the #last90days movement, but we did it with a bit of a yoga twist. Each week, we focused on something “yoga-ish” and talked about how these concepts could impact our life on and off the mat.

The first 7 weeks were spent talking about the Chakras. Why 7 full weeks? Because there are 7 Chakras! This post will link you to all our weekly conversations so be sure to bookmark this page and come back to it so you can have a listen to each of these weekly discussions.

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Week 1: The Root Chakra

Located at your lowest part of your torso, the Root Chakra starts it all. This is the first Chakra to develop as humans and it holds us to the ground. If you would like to learn more about the Root Chakra, listen to this episode and then check out this post by Lesleigh Guinn

Week 2: The Sacral Chakra

Week 3: The Solar Plexus Chakra

Week 4: The Heart Chakra

The 5th Chakra: The Throat Chakra

The 6th Chakra: The 3rd Eye Chakra

The 7th Chakra: The Crown Chakra