What are you doing each day to be a better version of You?

Eagle Pose is one of my least favorite poses. Since it is good for me, I should probably do it more, right?

This week on the Thrive Vlog (which will hopefully be a podcast by the end of this month!) Merrit and I discussed some of the final scenes from one of India’s greatest epics, the Mahabharata (this is an affiliate link.) This is legit, and ANCIENT tale, originally in sanskrit and I will be honest with you–I didn’t actually READ perse, I listened to the Audible version because my reading days are usually on the more elementary level with my kiddos. I actually love consuming books on audio because it gives me the freedom to do something while still experiencing words–it’s sorta like a multitaskers dream. 

The discussion we had was based on the main character’s final trek and we dove into some of the character flaws they experienced in a fictional land thousands of years ago and how we still battle those same character issues even today.

Interesting how gluttony, vanity, the ego, and even favoritism still plague the human race, right?

The story is obviously embellished and probably overly simplified, but the implications still ring true today. 

The conversation left me wondering, what am I doing every single day to be better? Sometimes, this is clearly easier than others, but regrettably, I don’t have the answer. That’s probably a lesson too; how we won’t ever be perfect, but we should still endeavor to live and be the best version of ourselves.

Whatever that means to you, I want to encourage you on your journey not to give up. You have a purpose. If you’re struggling to discover that purpose, don’t give up. Go do something, help someone, no matter how small. I can promise that any tiny step you take to improve yourself or the lives of those around you-those aren’t wasted steps. Every time you say a kind word, those aren’t wasted words. 

It isn’t easy, walking this life towards our heavenly destination, but it is worth it. I’m glad to have you on this path with me. 

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