Yoga Philosophy – What is Satya or Truth?

In this episode of Sacred Spaces, Thrive Teachers, Jennifer Dixon and Merritt Maloof Plumb discuss the second Yama, or Ethical Guideline.

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The Yamas are 5 practices that we should pursue and make up the first limb of Ashtanga (8 limbs) yoga.

Outside of religion, these concepts provide a foundation by which to live a life that is free from avarice or vice because they encourage you to live non-violently, in Truth (that’s this week) without excess and more. We will be diving into each of these concepts over the coming weeks inside the Thrive Yoga and Wellness Vlog and Podcast. (please, make sure you subscribe to both!)

So, What is Truth?

According to the book, The Yamas and Niyamas by Deborah Adele (this is an affiliate link and the book we reference a lot throughout this study), Ahimsa and Satya are tightly woven guidelines that should be the foundation by which all yogis base their life.

Endeavoring to always live in a non-violent manner towards themselves and towards others but also living a life of Truth.

During this discussion, Merritt and Jennifer talk about how Truth, speaking and living in one’s truth, can manifest itself and how truthfulness, although absolutely imperative, must take the second seat to non-violence.

Think about it, it may be true that your mother’s hair looks like the color of a bright hot fire, but, if you told her that (and it was definitely something you knew she wouldn’t be in to) would you be acting in a non-violent way by saying, “hey mama, you know your hair looks like an oak tree on a fall day?”

Probably not.

There’s actually a story like that in this episode believe it or not.

As we discuss truthfulness to ourselves, what does remaining true to you mean?

How does truth taking second to non-violence make you feel?

What is something that is true but may not be in non-violence towards yourself or others?

Leave us a comment down below and let us know. We’d be happy to discuss it!