What is the Air Element?

The Air Element 1 of the fundamental elements in our life

During the last 90 days of 2019 Thrive Yoga and Wellness spent time exploring the Chakras and Elements to help us better understand some of the more subtle aspects of life and yoga on & off the mat. As part of this exploration, Jennifer Dixon and Merritt Plumb gathered weekly to discuss what they learned as part of this exploration.

In this week’s installment, Merrit and Jennifer got really excited about the air element and how it can help your physical practice and life. Learn how the Air Element balance the other elements, and how it helps to get your lighter on and off the mat.

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We have also covered the Fire Element, the Water Element, the Ether Element, and the Earth Element if you want to learn some more.

The Air Element in Your Yoga Practice

Pranayama. Your Breath.

In its most basic form, the air element is easiest to identify with your breath. When you move mindfully, combining the movement with your breath, that creates the “magic” of your yoga practice. Postures without breath is gymnastics, which is an AWESOME, but the postures combined with breath helps to surrender your body into the tough spots, creating space where there once was none.

Another great concept about the Air Element in your yoga practice is the surrender. Whether it is surrendering to the fact that you can’t do the yoga pose you had in mind, or surrendering your muscles into a pose that they may or may not like (can I get an amen for Frog Pose?!?!) Relaxing into a new posture can help your body release something, both physically and mentally.

What Happens if You have too Much Air Element?

Have you ever seen the weather footage from a tornado or hurricane? Some of the most awe inspiring videos I’ve ever seen is from the aftermath of a terrible storm, when the wind (the air) made itself seen. Likewise, in your life, If there’s too much air, you can be trying to force something to happen.

I am forever guilty of forcing things to happen. It’s terrible.

It’s just like trying to push yourself into a yoga pose (which is never a good idea). If you forcefully try to get into something, it very well could end up in some sort of injury.

What is too little Air Element in your Life

Another interesting aspect about the air element is that when you close yourself off to the air element –so not necessarily not breathing–but just not being OPEN, that can lead to not hearing. A long term lack of air element in your life, therefore, could lead to being closed off.

Remember your Air Element when you are dealing with a lot of stress

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What do you think about the Air Element? Have you thought about the air element in your life and your yoga practice? Leave a comment down below!

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  1. Wow, really? Strange. I just bought a new one and after having practiced on two others (a lulu and mantra) my feet kept getting stuck when I tried to roll over on my toes. Hmmm. Were you in a heated room? Mine was not, I haven’t gotten super sweaty on my new mat (bec of covid.) I say all that to say, don’t give up! Keep practicing. It really is my favorite mat for longevity and stickiness. Lmk, ok?

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