What is the Fire Element?

Join Merrit Maloof Plumb and Jennifer Dixon for a conversation about the fire element. This is actually a part of our weekly vlog (and soon to be podcast) so be sure to subscribe to the Thrive Yoga and Wellness Youtube Channel.

The Fire Element is the first element that we can actually see. If Ether and air are the first two elements, then fire is the first element that we can actually see. Fire is energy. Even from the beginning of time, humans have used fire to provide energy (whether to cook the food or provide heat.) We still use fire to provide our energy even today.

Where is the Fire Element in our Body?

In Ayurveda, one of the locations of fire is in the feet. The action location for fire is our feet. Interestingly, it is our feet bring us closer to the fire when we are cold, but further away if it is too hot! Increasing the foods that bring warmth like spices and broths are great ways to build that fire internally. Hanging out near a fire or heater also helps build the heat (which should go without saying. ;))

In Chinese Medicine, the fire element lives in the heart, small intestine, pericardium, and the “triple heater.” The cool thing about Chinese Medicine is that when you are cold a lot, or fire deficient, the symptoms exhibit themselves not just as lower internal body temperature, but sluggish digestion and even mentration problems.

If ever there was a need to eat some spicy food, to turn up those fire elements would be a great excuse!

Who wants tacos?

Photo cred: House of Yum.
I haven’t made these tacos, but if you want to check out this link.

When is the Fire Season?

This may come as a surprise to you but SUMMER is the fire season. BA BA BAAAAAAAAM. I know, shocking.

The thing that surprised both Merrit and myself was the fact that in the summer, we are inundated with so much fire element that we should actually lay low, conserve our energy. This is so counter intuitive to our “make hay while the sun is shining” mentality.

Another interesting aspect about the fire element is we have to build the fire internally, especially in the winter. This helps to build our muscles, and bodies up and gets us ready for the spring and summer, when we may need to let some of the fire cool off.

It was really fun discussing this hot topic (get it, get it?) and I hope you learned a lot whether from reading this post or checking out our video. Don’t forget to subscribe to the Thrive Youtube Channel and then tune in every Wednesday for a new episode of what is now called Sacred Spaces. We will dive deep into the philosophy and mythology of our yoga practice and try to glean some understanding of this ancient practice and how we can incorporate it into our modern worlds.