What Presence Do We Bring to the World?

In the following excerpt, our very own Missy Crutchfield dives into how you, me, each of us can make the choice to bring light, to uplift, to make things better in her most recent blog post on Bemagazine.

Missy is a Thrive Yoga and Wellness teacher, teaching 3 classes a week for us in Kundalini and Shakti FLow.  Missy is a beautiful, empowering teacher that devotes herself entirely to her students.  She believes in you and the investment that you make in yourself each practice and wants to share her knowledge and experience with you each and every class.  Missy is 200 hr certified by Maya Fiennes, Kundalini Yoga for Real Life as well as 200 hr certified by Thrive Yoga and Wellness.  She also has a long history in activism and animal rights, standing up for underprivileged, or underserved communities around the globe.  If you haven’t had a chance to practice and be empowered by Missy, come check out her classes THIS WEEK!

Check out Missy’s more recent article and I will see you on the mat soon.  All my love, admiration and respect,


What Presence Do We Bring to the World

By Missy Crutchfield RYT 200

Looking around at so many different religions, I see the Love, Light, and Truth they all seem to have in common. For me my first introduction to religion was through Christianity—and Christ’s message of Love and Light and Peace that I began to feel through that experience.

In my adult life, work, and travels, I have experienced so many different ideas, from so many different cultures and religions, and all of these seem to have a common Truth… Love.

In Love, we find our Truth. In Love, we connect our Light as we bring the Positive out and release the negative. In Love we bring peace to the world as children of God.

If you’d like to read more about the Your Presence, click the link below to be taken directly to Missy’s Blog site, BeMagazine.