Why Diets Fail and Fitness is for Life

I was prompted to share this response I made on social media encouraging another fitness oriented person to stay the course after rebounding or “yo-yo dieting”. So many people were encouraged by these words that I thought I would share this with you here.

All these pictures are me “healthy” and maybe a bit “healthier”

Instead of dieting (that’s a “bad word” in my vocabulary) I try to think of healthy eating/ nutrition as just my normal. Sometimes it’s easier than others (hello holidays, stress, family!) but if you refuse to say or think about dieting and just focus on creating a lifestyle that supports healthy food choices and exercise daily, the rebound doesn’t have to be your story.

While you’re on the journey down, don’t think about “chest days” or “when I finally lose xyz lbs I can do or eat or be whatever.” Think “I love this life I have been given.” “I love these foods, they make me feel so good!” Or, my favorite, “oh man, I love how strong I feel, why would I want to go back to that weaker me?”

It starts with that internal dialogue. The same one that got you to start your quest to being FITTR, make that voice be your Motivation to stay the course.

Here’s where I will add something else:

Although I don’t have much of a rebound story, I do have experience gaining and losing a bunch of weight-close to 100 lbs between two pregnancies.

Both pregnancies were healthy and to full term with some big ole fat healthy babies. Both left me with a lot of weight to get rid of. It’s possible, I did it, you can too. The weight didnt get there overnight so it won’t leave you overnight. It will leave you though.

Honestly, I’d chuck the scale, it lies anyways 😂

Focus on your whys. Focus on your successes. Surround yourself with encouraging people.

Just stay the course.

Don’t think of your weight loss or fitness journey as a special experience in life-no, THIS-all of it, it is life, YOUR life, and life is flipping awesome!

If you’re looking for someone to help you stay the course, come check us out at Thrive Yoga and Wellness. Not only does yoga help you deal with the “mental viruses” that may knock you off course, but we’ve got some pretty awesome calorie burning classes on the schedule. If you’re not in Chattanooga, you can work with me one on one or in a group setting inside Thrive Online, where I can provide you with both nutritional guidance as well as exercise guidance (of course, mostly yoga based, but with a heavy emphasis on strength training.)

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