Yin Yoga For the Sacral Chakra with Lesleigh Guinn

Yin yoga is the more relaxing, “counter” practice to the more Yang (or very active) versions of yoga classes. According to Yogiapproved.com yin offers amazing benefits for the connective tissue, bones, joints and other connective tissues. This is a deeply meditative yoga class, and requires you to practice stillness and breath work while maintaining the postures from 3-5 minutes.

Before you freak out, these postures aren’t like Warrior 2. (Although holding that for 5 minutes would definitely challenge my bones, I’m pretty sure.)

Hold Warrior 2 for Five minutes and you will surely want to flex those muscles!

However, Yin postures are mostly seated or reclined (thank goodness, right?!) and they require deep concentration as you relax your body, usually in postures it would otherwise not like to be so.

In today’s post, you can take part in a completely free yin class led by our very own Lesleigh Guinn RYT 200. During this sequence, Lesleigh guides you through classes specifically designed to open up, balance and bring harmony to the body, specifically the Sacral Chakra Region which is just below your belly button, with deeply relaxing and opening yoga poses.

The Sacral Chakra is located just below the belly button and is the root of our desires. It’s the seat of our relationships but also our deepest desires. That is why it is so important to focus on this region and breathe, open up and bring balance to this area.

If you have yoga props, Great! If not, grab a pillow from your couch or bed and be sure you’re on a relatively stable surface. You are gonna breathe and move and bring yourself balance and life. We hope you like this class and that you finish the class feeling better than when you started it!

This is a completely free class offered as part of the Thrive Yoga and Wellness free yoga during the COVID 19 crisis. We streamed our entire schedule of yoga classes online and are offering a free yoga class every single day.

If you would like to have access to these classes check us out at Thrive Online. We offer a library of hundreds of yoga classes ranging from Yin to Power and everything in between. If you enjoyed this class and would like to give us a love donation to help us keep these videos going consider donating to us here.