Yoga Basics: Mountain Pose (Tadasana or Samasthiti)

In today’s tutorial, you are going to get an in depth look at Mountain Pose.  In sanskrit this pose is called Tadasana and Samsthiti. This is a basic yoga pose that is in yoga classes that can help teach you good posture.  You may be wondering why I am posting about such an “easy” pose, and including a video–that’s because in today’s very sedentary life, very few people actually know how to stand up straight–which, in essence, is what Mountain Pose truly is.  

Poor posture leads to several issues like neck, shoulder and low back pain.  It can make it more difficult to breathe, and it can even create excess wear and tear on the joints because you aren’t supporting the structure with the muscles, rather, odds are, with poor posture, you are collapsing into the joints instead of keeping the strong, supportive muscles engaged.  This leads to muscle atrophy and even more erosion of good structural parts like bones and joints.

Mountain Pose or Tadasana is actually a pretty difficult pose if you take the time to break it down and think about each component responsible for keeping you safely upright.  

Here’s a quick Pop Quiz for you (YIKES!  But dont get scared, I won’t grade you…everyone gets an A.)

When was the last time you went to a standing room only function–like a rock concert (Oh, the days before children!!), really full graduation (or that may have only been my nephew’s middle school program), or even just waiting in line at your favorite restaurant.  Hands up if standing there HURT. Like, I’m talking it was painful in either your neck, shoulders, low back, knees–you name it.

I’m gonna go ahead and raise my hand here.

Several years ago, before children, I was able to go to a Ben Folds concert –I’ve seen him live many times and had I known this would be my last time for the foreseeable future, I may have been a little more crazy, throwing things on stage to get his attention or whatever, but alas, rearing small children definitely puts a damper on following a music artist.  I digress. This concert was in an old warehouse, concrete floors, standing room only. My friend and I got there early (of course) so we could get “the good spots”–ie up close. After I don’t know how long–maybe 3 hours and a handful of adult beverages, we hobbled back to the car.

Legit, hobbled back to the car.  For the duration of the concert, I clearly was not engaging the necessary muscles to keep me structure safe on such a hard surface.  I was in SO much pain!

Well folks, standing for 3 hours is never an ideal situation–but people do it for work regularly, and we–as humans, used to do it more.  When you do have to stand for a long time and you don’t stand properly, you pay for it–in pain.

Now, let’s figure out how we can strengthen the muscles responsible for supporting those joints and bones that are so disposed to giving us grief.  Let’s learn how to properly perform Mountain Pose.

Click HERE for the video demo:

Key points to remember when working on Mountain Pose:

1) Don’t lock your knees

2) Engage your quads

3) Lengthen down through your tailbone

4) Draw your belly button to spine (to engage your abdominal muscles)

5) Hold your shoulders down and away from the ears.

6) Try to squeeze the shoulder blades together

7) Chest is proud but don’t stick your ribs out.

8) Top of the head to the sky

9) Slightly tuck your chin

11) Your hands are reaching up, pinkies towards each other or palms together

Remember, you can stand in your mountain pose at any time!  It’s a great way to reinforce good standing habits and it helps to engage the muscles responsible for protecting your entire spine.  (this can reduce back pain)

Did you give it a try?  What did you think? Was it a little harder now that you took a minute to break every little thing down and focus on the muscles?  Keep practicing, it does get easier.

My hope is, when my kids are old enough for my husband and I to go back to shows–ya, we will be THAT COUPLE–you know, the “old couple” that are hanging out, drinking adult beverages and making a lot of noise….well, I will be, my husband will probably just be embarrassed of me, going to shows and rocking out.  (do young people even say that anymore? Probably not.) Well, WHEN THAT DAY COMES, my hope is that the mountain pose practice that I’ve been doing and you’ve been doing with me will really pay off and that I’ll be able to stand up with all the young “whipper snappers” for the full length of the show (ear plugs in of course, I am wiser afterall–and a little more deaf).  I hope you’ll be right up there with me! Then, we can practice yoga in the morning the next day and talk all about it!

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