Yoga Philosophy: The 2nd Niyama, Santosha or Contentment

Join Jennifer Dixon ERYT 500 and Authorized Ashtanga Yoga teacher and Merritt Maloof Plumb Reiki Master and Energy Worker from The Energy Center as they discuss and explore the 8 limbs of yoga, or Ashtanga Yoga.

Oftentimes, the physical yoga postures are what bring people to the practice of yoga. However, with a commited practice, each of the participants start to notice a subtle shift in perspective. At first it may just be towards themselves, things like practicing a little more grace towards themselves, which transfers out into the world. Then, other shifts happen like letting things go, both on and off the mat. Before you know it, as a yogi, you start to practice these different philosophical ideas without even knowing it.

What does it mean to truly be Content?

It is these subtle shifts in consciousness that Merrit and Jennifer wish to discuss in their weekly Vlog specials affectionately called, Sacred Spaces. As we dive into these philosophical concepts, we invite you to sit back, listen and consider your thoughts on these personal values. Regardless of your religious affiliation, self-improvement, and empowerment are integral for improving our human experience and we welcome you to explore these ideas with us.

What does it mean to be Content?

This week, we discuss Contentment or Santosha. Being content is more than not wanting what your neighbor has, but it is also about being here and present whatever the circumstances. This can be considerably difficult for those of us like Jennifer that are very goal oriented and task driven.

Contentment resides in every moment and in every circumstance, even when life is crazy, even when the world seems overturned. The goal of yoga is to help you raise up -to enlightenment, and being present even when you’re uncomfortable, that’s part of the journey. We are following along with a great book, The Yamas and Niyamas by Deborah Adele. IF you want to check it out. (this is an affiliate link.)

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