200 Hour Certified
Yoga Teacher Training

Practical Yoga Teacher Training Taught with YOU in mind

 led by the area's ONLY Authorized Ashtanga Yoga Teacher.

Are you looking for a truly remarkable, unique, life-changing experience?

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Come Get
200 hr  Yoga Teacher Certified
with Thrive

In less than 6 months, or when YOUR time allows, you can be certified to teach yoga with an emphasis on the lifelong Benefits of Yoga  

In this training you will learn: 

  • Techniques, Training and Practice
  • Teaching Methodology - from vinyasa to yin and beyond
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Functional Anatomy with local Drs of Phyiscal Therapy
  • Hands on Assisting by Chattanooga's first authorized Ashtanga Yoga Teacher
  • Yoga Philosophy/Ethics/Lifestyle
  • The business of Yoga with real world experience and exposure
  • and so much more!

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Full Tuition is $2800.  If you pay in full, you get a 15% discount!

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Yoga Teacher Training is meant to be Flexible - It's YOGA after all!

You  take each weekend as a separate module.  

Learn about your favorite practice, at your pace, whether you have been practicing for 15 years or 6 months.  

Thrive with our 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training Program

Each semester meets two weekends a month on Saturday and Sunday from 12:30 - 5:30 at Thrive Yoga and Wellness. 

Our school allows for open enrollement, so sign up today and get started!

Got questions? 
Give us a call (or shoot us a text!) at 
423-290-2326 we are here to help!

The total Cost of the Training is $2800

I started Teacher Training only to enhance my practice. Little did I know that a small voice inside me would grow as well. I was so excited! I couldn’t wait to start this journey! Jennifer Dixon is the best at what she does. She broke down every single pose with modifications for different body types and their adjustments. We explored our own practice & learned how to evaluate other students practices.  It is a very hands on, fun, & amazing experience. "


  • Learn the postures. You will learn the posture for you & your student.
  • Learn how to offer meaningful assists. Sometimes it's just great to have that hands' on help to deepen the pose.
  • Learn how to sequence, cue and actually lead classes . Being able to practice on your own is one thing,  knowing how to lead people requires skills you can learn, and you will get experience doing training at Thrive Yoga and Wellness. 
  • Learn to define your style, speak your voice, share your story, be the leader. You will be prepared and encouraged and assisted throughout your training and beyond.  All our graduates are plugged into the studio and their communities, sharing their knowledge and passion.
  • Learn from the area's BEST! Thrive Yoga Teacher Training is led by the Chattanooga Area's only Authorized Ashtanga Yoga Teacher, Jennifer Dixon.  Your teachers include Doctors, Therapists, and experienced yoga teachers, unlike any training offered in our area.

Yoga is so much more than just physical postures.  It is the knowledge of the history behind the poses, and the proper positioning of these poses along with breath that truly makes the practice more than just gymnastics.  Come and see!

Train with a variety of teachers to hear their passion, gain from their experience, and learn how to make yoga truly a unique practice for yourself and your students.

All of the instructors are not only knowledgeable and competent but also truly caring and compassionate. The flexibility of this program allowed me to complete my training in a timely manner while working and care-giving as well. I highly recommend this studio for practicing and training!


Each time you come to the mat, you learn something new about yourself and you grow.  

Each time you share your knowledge in a practice, you change a life.  

Yoga is THAT powerful.

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200 hr Yoga Teacher Training

Come celebrate, learn and experience Yoga in a whole new way.  Training built around YOU.  You can start this training, regardless where you are in your practice, whether you are 18 or 74, this program can help you grow into the teacher, practitioner, life-changer...whatever you can dream.  You can do it, let's do it together!

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