Your Efforts Count. Every.Single.One

This morning during a very very rare quiet time with coffee and no kiddos I decided to do my bible study early rather than right before bed. The topic struck me as a mama to two beautiful kiddos and a leader to a small local community. It was about how, as humans, we all have a part to play in the grand play that is our life.

God doesn’t expect us to do things perfectly, but to just show up, do our best, follow his lead through relationship and study of his word, and he works (if we’re honest, he does the hard stuff) through us.

The illustration was of a little girl pounding away at a piano, making a terrible noise. (Something I’m familiar with, having a 5 yr old learning “Alberte’ base”) and then suddenly getting a helper (her dad) who came and sat down with her and started to fill in the raucous she was making with a beautiful melody. (Now, if only I was good enough at piano to do that!!!) 🤣

The little girl was practicing, she was doing her best, and he was using her hard work, making it beautiful. How many times have I screwed things up, although with best intentions, only to have things turn out in some sort of way more beautiful than I could ever imagine? (More times than I’d like to count.) Likewise, my daughter is learning to read and write. She’s moved from just reading words to reading mini books and now trying to fill in the blanks with sentences. My job is to help her puzzle out those missing pieces. Sometimes she needs me, sometimes she figures things out easily on her own. I’d say our relationship is a lot like both of these examples.

We are pounding away at life, trying, doing our best (probably making more noise than music as we try to figure out the puzzle that is what we are supposed to be doing for His plans) and sometimes we get the melody or the words right, often he just uses our cacophony of efforts and makes it turn out better than we could ever imagine.

Thinking about this blessed me so much today because I try so stinking hard every day to do the right thing, whether it’s training my kiddos up, being a good spouse, teaching my clients both in-person and online, and I feel like I fail miserably ALL. THE. TIME. and then, something happens, someone says something totally out of the blue affirming the efforts, and bam, I realize I’m just pounding away making a lot of noise, but God used the efforts to make it a beautiful symphony all according to His plans. Romans 8:28

Hopefully, this means something to you today. Now, go out there and start pounding away. You don’t know what beautiful thing is gonna come out of it.

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